Sunderland Fac Winter League

Report from the Sunderland FAC winter league Round 2 match at Silksworth Lake, Sunderland.

Silksworth Lake, Sunderland
| 23/10/2011 | Number of pegs/anglers: 12

Andy McNeil grabbed victory fishing to the small island on groundbait feeder with squatt, catching small silvers apart from a good roach of a pound. In second place was Bobby Nash with small roach and perch fishing to the island from the other bank, all caught on maggot also with groundbait feeder. In the money again was Robbie Schindler with third place, again small roach and perch made up his weight fishing the pole at 10 metres with squatt over groundbait.

Conditions were hard due to the cold and it would be rude not to mention the Ian 'mr match secretay' Foster failed to catch!

Top 3 anglers and weights:
1: A.McNeil (Washington & Harraton) Weight: 4lb 1oz
2: B.Nash (Sunderland)` Weight: 1lb 14oz
3: R.Schindler (Woodlands Whites) Weight: 1lb 9oz