Swan Hotel Open

Weights on this match were kept down due to the very strong wind making fishing long poles impossible for all but a few. However most got plenty of bits even so.

Swan Hotel Open, Radcot and Clanfield
| 11th September 2011 | Number of anglers: 38

Yet again no Chub or Bream showed themselves with only a trio of Tench boosting the weights of the 1st and 2nd anglers. Winner on the day was Time Kaye pegged at Radcot downstream. Tim caught two small tench on chopped worm at 10 meters together with some whip fish and some Dace and Roach on the 13 meter line to weigh in 13.10.0 for a comfortable win. 2nd and pegged next to the winner was Steve Howes, Steve caught a Tench at 13 meters on worm and backed it up with 5lbs of Bleak and Roach at 10 meters for 8.13.0. 3rd was top local angler Brian Ballard, Brian was pegged at Clanfield fishing 10 meters with maggot he caught small fish all match for 7.13.8.

Top 5 anglers and weights:
1: Tim Kaye - VDE Weight: 13.10.0
2: Steve Howes - Barford Weight: 8.13.0
3: Brian Ballard - Radcot Weight: 7.13.8
4: Mick Bradley - Turners Weight: 7
5: Gary Didcock - Charlbury Weight: 6.15.