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Match Fishing Staff  |  Aug 24, 2018  |  0 comments
Frenzee’s Phil Canning gives you the lowdown on his meat fishing tactics that are a sure-fire winner on summer commercials. Meat Storage The first thing we need to look at is the bait itself and how to store it to keep it nice and fresh throughout the session. In my opinion fresh meat is the only choice and I am convinced it catches you more fish. The texture is better with freshly opened meat than meat that has been in water for a while, and it smells much nicer too.
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Phil Ringer explains just what the process and ingredients list looks like when developing a new groundbait mix. He has been responsible for some of the best and most popular mixes over the past20 years. Classics like Ringers Original and Dark have been huge for that entire time, no matter whether bream or carp are the target. But how does Phil go about developing a new mix? And what exactly goes into a groundbait to make it work? We joined him to take a look at the development behind the brand new Ringers Feeder mix… The Background I have never wanted to produce too many different groundbaits.
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Chris Cameron thinks simple is best in the hunt for match-winning nets of F1s! There is an abundance of theories on the pursuit of our commercial F1s, and this is of course inevitable as they are so widespread and there will always need to be an evolution of tactics to stay ahead of the game. There is a vast complexity to how you approach F1 fishing and there are the obvious forerunners to the tactical parade, but it’s not always relevant as a universal blueprint to success as the variables are vast – water temperature, target weights and the specifics of any chosen venue, to list just a few. It’s the latter of these that Middy’s Chris Cameron will offer a bit more scrutiny to and an insight into his experiences at the popular Manor Farm Leisure in Worcestershire. The normal perceived approach to F1s is to get busy, and that’s REALLY get busy in respect of how many lines you will be planning to move between in any particular match to stay in touch with what most of the time can be a finicky species.
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When it comes to fishing big waters, Dynamite Baits’ Rob Perkins reckons fishing two lines at once will get you loads more bites. Although I’m a massive fan of fishing natural waters, Ulley Reservoir is fairly new to me. I first saw a few match result posts on Facebook early last year, showing low double-figure bags of roach and the odd even bigger bag of bream. “That looks like an ‘interesting’ water,” I thought to myself, and the rest is now history as I’ve now enjoyed quite a few open matches here.
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When fishing at long range for big slabs, Dynamite Baits’ Ian Smith reckons the window feeder is a tactic that takes some beating… With ‘traditional’ feeders you used to have the choice of either a blockend (maggot) feeder or an open-ended one. These days there sits in the middle what is known as a window feeder. These are more a hybrid of the two. Having started their existence in Ireland, in the last few years they have become more and more popular in this country.
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The Irish scene is booming now and with a festival-filled calender, there has never been a better time to book! If you are looking to take part then Ireland Travel Plus can look after the travel arrangements for you www. irelandtravelplus. co. uk tel: 07711 607200 DATE FESTIVAL LOCATION MARCH 17 - 19* St.
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Our resident Irishman Cathal Hughes travels to Cornwall to see what all the fuss is about at White Acres. Having done very little fishing over the past month, I really thought that I’d be writing about yesterday’s charity match in this month’s magazine. But if it wasn’t for bad luck I’d have no luck at all, and in typical fashion I blanked, and in doing so scuppered any chance of scraping a feature about the miserable two hours I stayed on the shores of Lough Garadice playing with my new SLR feeder rod. Not for the first time in my life I found myself in a bit of a pickle and on my way home I was racking my brain trying to think about what I could write about.
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Jon Whincup reveals some findings from his winter commercial campaigns! F1s – Simple Is Best I spend most of my winter targeting F1-style venues and one thing I have learnt is that simple is by far the best. A simple bait choice with a simple match attack will always beat a complicated multi-bait approach. There is definitely a need to fish several lines by the end of the day, but on larger F1 venues such as Decoy Lakes, where I am today, three or four lines will often be enough. I am very happy to be patient and have found success by being far more patient than some of the younger anglers around.
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David Haynes continues his conversation with the genial big guy, Des Shipp. DH: You’ve been a regular in the England setup for how long now? DS: About 13 years, I think it is. DH: How did that come about? DS: I was fishing for Dorking and those people that fish for England basically come through Starlets, Barnsley and Dorking – they’re the three teams from which the England team normally gets chosen. I had good success with Dorking, then I started fishing the Sensas Challenge matches, which are really important with Mark Downes there, the England captain, and I did well in some of them.
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Words and pics: Steve Haywood River master Joe Oakes visits the River Soar to demonstrate how to put together a match-winning weight of perch. Perch are abundant in natural venues and regularly take part in the weighing-in ceremony, sometimes in the starring role or maybe a bit part in a well-rehearsed silvers’ onslaught, but on some days they can be the saviour of a very difficult day. But how much attention do we give the perch? The role they play is definitely forced by the matchman’s hand and it’s the specifics of the venue and a careful nod to the conditions that will determine their appearance. Today we are on the River Soar in Leicestershire and here the perch will always figure to some extent in match weights, and Middy’s Joe Oakes is certainly a fan.
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Feed ‘em and leave ‘em Putting together a match-winning catch on a canal is not easy, although there are some anglers that make the most difficult things look simple. Lee Wright is one of those anglers and we joined him to find out just what he does that makes building a big catch look effortless. Something I’ve always found on canals is that if you can keep catching fish you’ll rarely be far away from the main frame. This may sound a bit obvious, but one thing I see far too many anglers doing is sitting on a swim waiting for something to happen.
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Well-known for his commercial exploits, Adam Richards has taken the decision to enjoy some proper river fishing… and he’s been learning fast! In recent years I have fallen in love with proper, natural river fishing, and I mean rivers where there isn’t a pole in sight and the walks are long! Rivers such as the Swale in North Yorkshire, where we are today, have really captured my imagination and I’ve had some great results. I guess the key for me is how stripped back the fishing is. You don’t need loads of gear and the entire match is based around trying to outwit the crafty chub that inhabit the river. The appeal for me of a winter day’s chub fishing means that I rarely go on commercials during these colder months.
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We join Darren Cox on the bank to find out just how he won the Feeder Masters trophy. As I’d fished my last qualifier this year for Feeder Masters 2017 I had resigned myself to not reaching the final – I was due on holiday and had no more chances left. However, a ticket came up for Bough Beech while I was away sunning myself with the family; it was only three days after we returned but I grabbed it. My partner in crime, Si Fry, also had a ticket so at least we could travel together.
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Rob Wootton discusses the lessons learnt from a tremendous week in Ireland. I’ve just returned from another really enjoyable trip to Ireland; this time my destination was Inniscara lake down in the south of the country and the competition was the annual FeederFest, sponsored by ale giant Guinness. As the name suggests this event is a feeder-only affair and given the lake’s vast stocks of roach and skimmers, fishing at short range is normally the name of the game. Last year’s event saw me finish in fifth place, not bad considering 100 top feeder anglers were in attendance, but even so I was still keen to improve on this result.
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The Ivan Marks Story First published in Match Fishing, July & August 1988 I’m often asked if I’m bitter that there isn’t more money to be made from angling, for certainly had I enjoyed the same success in golf or football that I have in angling I would be a wealthy man today. To be honest I don’t think about it, I’m 52 years old and I can honestly say it’s been a marvelous party. I’ve travelled the world, made some wonderful friends and I’m a happy man. Angling has been very good to me, wherever I go in the country I’m made welcome and I’ve made a living for the past 20 years from doing something I adore, that I think makes me a rich man indeed.