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Match Fishing Staff  |  Jan 02, 2018  |  0 comments
Chris Cameron has a real knack of catching fish on rod-and-line tactics, and it’s all down to some clever feeding and thinking. Middy’s Chris Cameron holds a long list of match fishing success stories, with the most notable being Match this winner in 2014 and an agonising second place at this year’s event. but success is ever-present and most recently he has recorded three wins in his last three visits to today’s venue, Packington Somers, in the West Midlands. A big part of Chris’s match fishing game is conducted with rod-and-line tactics, and an evolution from a specimen background certainly laid sound foundations in understanding the best approach and rationale, particularly when proceedings are often carried out at some distance.
Match Fishing Staff  |  Dec 21, 2017  |  0 comments
Is there a better feeling than sitting by a large natural water early on a summer’s morning, as you wait for the tip to pull round with yet another bream? Unfortunately, this idyllic scenario doesn’t last all year… As winter begins to roll in, the water cools and the fishing becomes more difficult. This doesn’t have to mean the end to the bream fishing, though. If you follow Shaun Little’s advice you can enjoy year-round success on the feeder… It’s no secret that feeder fishing is becoming hugely popular in the UK and Europe and it seems that more people are now looking at it as a year-round option for their fishing rather than just something to do in the warmer months. The problem is that on large expanses of water, like Kingsbury Water Park where we are today, the fishing can become difficult as the water cools – 100lb bags are rare and it soon becomes apparent that it’s the anglers who work hard that get the results.
Match Fishing Staff  |  Oct 24, 2017  |  0 comments
All-round master Simon Willsmore lifts the lid on his against-the-grain feeder tactics for big-water success. If I had to say what had given me the biggest edge in match fishing over the last 10 years, it would be using my initiative to think outside the box. I was lucky enough to live in Italy for seven years, where some very good, but also eccentric Italian anglers influenced my fishing. I also fished some very peculiar venues, and I still carry a lot of the ideas and thinking from those days with me now.
Match Fishing Staff  |  Oct 10, 2017  |  0 comments
Five-time world champion Alan Scotthorne visits the mighty River Trent to demonstrate how to target river roach on the feeder. Roach can be difficult fish to catch from stillwaters on a feeder and trying to tempt these clever fish on a river can be even more taxing. Add a tide to the equation and it becomes an even greater challenge! This is what I am facing today on the tidal River Trent at Laughterton, in Lincolnshire. This is a river I started my angling career fishing and it has a large stock of quality roach among other species.
Match Fishing Staff  |  Jul 22, 2017  |  0 comments
Top northern angler Jamie Wilde reveals his all-time top 10 tips for rod-and-line success with carp when the water temperature plummets! 1. Go Large! Clearly, the size of the fish matters in any match, although every carp counts and adds pounds to the final weight. Taking your time and being patient can be the difference between losing and landing a fish. Bites can be very hard to come by during winter months so bigger fish like this can really make a difference.
Match Fishing Staff  |  Apr 25, 2017  |  0 comments
Top Kamasan Starlets team man, and Preston Innovations brand manager Scott Geens explains how the key to consistency often lies in targeting multiple species… Good anglers win matches, but great anglers win leagues. I have always really enjoyed league and team matches as you always have something to fish for – whether it be one point or ten the incentive is always there for you to keep going. As much as I enjoy the occasional open match too, they are often very predictable, with certain boss pegs or fliers dominating proceedings, if a good angler happens to draw them. There are also ways that you can turn average pegs into winners, but often these involve fishing in a feast or famine type way – which isn’t conducive to consistency.
Match Fishing Staff  |  Apr 19, 2017  |  0 comments
On Saturday I had a trip to Fir Tree Fisheries in wigan, to take part in one of the charity qualifiers in association with Adlington Angling centre and Adlington Angling Club to help raise money for Christies. Fir Tree is a venue I had only fished once before, about 6 years ago, and had a shocker to honest. Today I drew peg 34 which meant nothing, with alot of anglers fishing, I knew fishing the far bank at 16m on the pole would probably be my best bet of catching a few. Started across on an Marukyu's Amino Focus 6mm pellet, feeding Fishery pellets flavour with a bit of Marukyu's Scopex Amino, within minutes I hooked a 4lb mirror which I lost at the net, the next few hours were slow, nicking to odd small carp and a few stocky F1s, but nothing over a pound.
Match Fishing Staff  |  Apr 19, 2017  |  0 comments
Stu Redman gets his super-bright bait dyes out to show you how you can make your maggots and pinkies stand out from the crowd! Just in case you have been living under a rock or something, the fluoro bait phenomenon is well and truly happening! Those of you who frequent Facebook with any regularity will surely have spied some rather luminous looking maggots and pinkies on various anglers’ side trays. Many anglers have seemingly noticed an opportunity to get a bit of an edge when it comes to the effectiveness of their baits, particularly when the water is still clear and a hi-viz bait will work well. Just think about how anglers are catching on Method and Hybrid feeders these days, and most of the time they are using super-bright high-visibility hook baits. So the question must be asked, why not take the same theory and apply it to pole fishing? ‘Mad scientist’ Stu Redman is one man who is never afraid to do things a little differently.
Match Fishing Staff  |  Apr 11, 2017  |  0 comments
Dan Webb lets some of the England Feeder team's cats out of the championship bag. . . There seems to be this idea flying around that this little piece I'm writing each month might not be entirely serious.
Match Fishing Staff  |  Apr 06, 2017  |  0 comments
Thinking angler Giles Cochrane takes you through a simple yet deadly approach that just keeps on winning him matches! When tackling any commercial in the winter there are a few basic approaches that work well and have done for years but, due to the popularity of certain methods, ultimately they lose their effectiveness. Perhaps it has more to do with the ease and convenience of the approach and the number of anglers using them that leads to fish wising up and becoming more difficult to catch. The Method feeder and pole, for example, now result in much lower weights than they did in previous years and consequently, I seldom set up either through the winter. Chucking the Method through the summer does account for some respectable weights of fish but it’s nowhere near as effective as a straight lead and loose-feeding approach, simply because the fish have associated it with danger and have learned to avoid it.
Match Fishing Staff  |  Apr 04, 2017  |  0 comments
Last Thursday, I decided to do something a little bit different, and do a feature with the guys from fishing in the northwest. The lads are great and do some great work, helping new anglers gain lots of information and tips on, loads of north-west commercials and natural waters. After a bit of discussion, we decided to pay Lloyds Meadow Fishery a visit, the lake we fished was Badger, A lake I fished for the first time only a few weeks ago. This time was decided to go for some of bigger carp in the lake on the pole, now the weather had improved.
Match Fishing Staff  |  Mar 30, 2017  |  0 comments
Lewis Breeze explains how to make the most of your peg, if you are lucky enough to draw opposite the moored boats in a marina. Words and photos: Steve Martin The UK’s canal system can be almost as busy as its motorway network during the summer months. However, once the cooler weather arrives, most canal boats are moved to moorings to overwinter in a marina. Once moored, the boats create the perfect sanctuary for fish to use as protection from predators in the clear-water conditions.
Match Fishing Staff  |  Mar 23, 2017  |  0 comments
Inside Out Method Fishing with my hookbait outside of the feeder has been very effective over the past couple of months. It can be a deadly way of fishing the method feeder when the fish aren’t attacking the feeder confidently. Light Is Best I always try and use the lightest float and line I can get away with at this time of year, it definitely catches me more fish. As the water starts to warm up I will step up my tackle, but using light lines, floats and smaller hooks works best for me in the winter/spring months.
Match Fishing Staff  |  Mar 22, 2017  |  0 comments
Where once bloodworm ruled supreme, bread and hemp seem to dominate on Alan Scotthorne’s local canal. We met him to see how he utilises two of the best roach catchers available. I have fished my local Stainforth & Keadby Canal for many years because it is so close to my South Yorkshire home and offers such consistent sport. Roach are always the main species, with just the occasional match won with skimmers and bream.
Match Fishing Staff  |  Mar 20, 2017  |  0 comments
On Sunday I paid a visit to Heronbrook to fish the spring league with the Maver Bagem Lads, I was put on the bridge and new canal section. Didn't fancy it on new canal, as it has been struggling to compete with bridge the last couple of weeks. Guess where I was drawn? New canal, to be fair it was end peg 10, with loads of room, so did fancy it for a few bites. Started on the pole at 9m fishing and feeding pellets, hooked a 7lb carp straight away, happy days, after that had a good run of stockies average about 8oz each, didn't have to wait long for bites, after two hours decided to have a go across at 16m on 6mm banded pellet, with hope of catching some decent carp, but yet again just caught stockies, decided to go back on the 9m line as the wind was starting to blow, had another good run of small F1s, with the odd 2lb pounder.