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The Turner 400 attracted 26 teams of 4, the upper reaches from Kelmscot to Rushey were used. An awkward downstream wind made the going tricky. With matches leading up to this one showing a lack of big fish, teams targeting the many small fish showing this year were likely to do well. Indivdually Malc Pearc pegged at Radcot down stream caught 3 tench on the pole and chopped worm, backed up with bits for a winning 15.
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The Thames fished really well, most anglers had a good day roach fishing. Top spot went to Paul harrop with 16lb 8 of roach caught on groundbait and maggot. Second spot went to andy silvey with 15lb 1 of roach and perch. Results:1: Paul harrop (turners) Weight: 16lb 82: Andy silvey (fox isis) Weight: 15lb 13: Wez Thomas (fox Isis) Weight: 15lb 04: Bubbles (drennan Oxford) Weight: 15lb 05: Rob cave(fox isis) Weight: 14lb 12.
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The famous Weirfields provided the top three with good bags of bream showing. Keith Fretwell Memorial / Holme Church Charity MatchRiver Trent, Holme Marsh 29. 08. 2011A total of 66 die-hard Trent fans fished this sell out annual match on August Bank Holiday Monday.
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Both Tuesday's and Wednesday's midweek matches were won with ton-plus bags with meat scoring well. Holmedale Lake Wednesday 24/8/1128 fished Winner Pete Hodgetts was the only angler to break the ton midweek, and he did it in style with 151lb 1oz taken on the pole and meat out at 12m. Landing over 40 carp to 8lb, Pete actually arriving late for the draw and wasn’t ready at the start having set-up just two rigs - one for his far line and one for the margin. At the 12m mark he bagged 12 small carp to 4lb in the first two hours before hooking two fish from the margin.
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Sunday's evening match threw up a surprise as Graham Westwater won on his first visit to the fisheryHolmedale Lake Sunday 21/8/11 23 Fished Three hour evening matchIn a solid display for his first time at the fishery Graham Westwater took top spot after drawing peg 25 and fished the pole and paste to land carp to 5lb with the exception of one 15lb specimen making him a total of 90lb 10oz. Second place went to fishery regular Neil Wilkinson fishing the pole and pellet at peg 19 he landed 15 carp to5lb. •1st Graham Westwater MAP Eastwood Angling peg 25, 90-10-0 •2nd Neil Wilkinson Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 19, 71-7-0•3rd Will Creswell Eastwood Angling peg 36, 70-12-0•4th Martyn Brown Eastwood Angling peg 51, 60-3-0•5th Roy Butterfield Gateford Angling Supplies peg 32, 59-5-0•6th Norman Powers Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 39, 51-3-0This was the last of the Sunday evening matches, the next Sunday open will be on the October 2. .
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Ilminster AA members held round eight of the Summer League at Dillington on Sunday. Conditions were bright and sunny and it was hard going for some. Ilminster AA Summer League Dillington Pond, Somerset | 21/08/11 | 6 fished

 Martin Heard won yet again to edge even closer to the league title. Fishing the whip and maggot on peg 10, Martin caught over 150 fish for 8lb 10oz.
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It's great to see we've finally passed the 2k barrier on our Facebook fan page! We seem to have a really nice community on there with not too many plonkers and just lots of people appreciating the snippets of info, teaser pics, vid trailers and surveys we pop on there. It's also great to see where these people come from. There's a considerable number from Europe and further afield which proves to me that pole fishing is perhaps not quite as specialist a field as we sometimes think. Where do we go from here? 3,000, of course.
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Match Fishing's Tackle Award are back, and it’s your chance to vote on what you think is hot in the world of rods, reels, poles, luggage, clothing, bait etc…It’s a simple tick-box affair and should take you no longer than a couple of minutes to do. To thank you for taking the time to complete these important awards we’ve lined up an awesome prize – a day’s fishing with a top match angler and a full feature appearance in Match Fishing magazine! If you fancy the chance of winning this prize, or if you just want to make your opinions heard, then fill in our simple on-line form. Click here to enter. Alex Bones.
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It rained continuously throughout the Thursday KOBRA Open held on Thames and Avon at Dynamite Makins, with the bad weather also putting a dampener on the sport, especially Avon which only produced one of the top six weights. DYNAMITE MAKINS THURSDAY ‘KOBRA’ OPEN | 18 August | Number of pegs 23Continuing his form at the venue, Derby Fishermania-backed Charlie Shaw fished Thames 12, targeting his right margin with corn for a carp catch of 62-08 giving him a clear win. Dave Hicken (Disco) followed up on last week’s win with second place from Thames 2 with 37-04, all taken on meat and pellet fished to his right margin. In complete contrast, Phil Hull (Lanes Bait and Tackle) fished Thames 5, catching a 31-08 bag of small carp, skimmers, chub, tench, roach and perch, from ‘down the track’ on double caster.
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Ilminster AA members fished the penultimate fixture in the association's evening league on Wednesday August 17. Due to the failing light the match was shortened by 15 minutes but weights were still good with some nice rudd being caught. Ilminster Angling Association evening league Dillington Pond, Somerset | 17/08/11 | 5 fishedVenue expert Moses Holbrook was victorious yet again, this time with 8lb 1oz taken from peg 7. Jamie Rich was the bridesmaid for the third match on the trot with 6lb 12oz fishing from peg 1, while league leader, Alvin Jones, was third with 5lb 14oz from peg 9.