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Shakespeare’s Superteam SC3 range of rods stands for ‘Super Commercial’ 3. They’ve been specifically tailored for commercial fisheries and Shakespeare says: “It’s an affordable and highly versatile rod range that will not fail to impress.” Alex Bones takes them out on the bank.

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This competition is now closed, the winner is Glen Jones from Essex.

Thanks to Daiwa we’re giving you the chance to win a set of feature-packed N’ZON clothing worth £259.96!

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There’s plenty to enjoy in the latest issue of Match Fishing – full of tips, tricks, advice and knowhow, plus tackle reviews and a great free competition!

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Jordan Hall has been a natural venue/silver fish convert over the past 12 months, but how would he fare on a commercial fishing for silvers when we gave him a target weight of 50lb? We joined him at Monkhall Fishery to find out.

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Accuracy is crucial in any form of feeder fishing, but how do you maintain accuracy in a strong side wind? Garbolino-backed Darren Cox is the man with the answers.

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The Glebe Fishery match record holder, Sam Collett, reveals his essential advice to mastering hard pellet fishing.

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Middy’s Reactacore XI20-3 16m pole offers 16 metres of carbon for around £1,000 – Tony Curd takes it to Meadowlands for a workout.

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Don’t risk damaging your precious rods in transit, keep them safe in the new Ready Rod Protection Cases from MAP.

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Like most match anglers out there, when a new range of floats hits the shelves we can’t resist taking a look. Here are the latest offerings from NuFish…

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Match Fishing’s Tony Curd gets out on the bank to check out Daiwa’s new additions to their N’ZON rod range, the Super Slims!