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Digital Subscription–Print Subscription Mark Pollard With three sections of the final at the Cambridgeshire silver-fish Mecca of the Old Nene, who better to guide you through attacking the venue than the legendary Mark Pollard? Dan Webb investigates… Frankie Gianoncelli Frankie reveals all the hints and tricks to keep catching commercial silvers on the feeder this winter. Maggot Master When the going gets tough, Robbie Griffiths bins off the Method feeders and reaches for an old-school tactic… with a modern twist! Sitting comfortably! Another day of hard graft for our editor Dan Webb, as he spends the day sat on the new XR36 seatbox from Matrix. Jon Whincup To kick-start our guide to Decoy Lakes, Dan Webb asks serial big-money winner Jon Whincup to give us the lowdown on the five strip lakes. WIN: A HUGE DAIWA N’ZON ROD, REEL AND LUGGAGE BUNDLE A massive selection of the hot new Daiwa N’Zon gear up for grabs! Digital Subscription–Print Subscription .
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Digital Subscription–Print Subscription The Bread Fishing Revolution Rob Hewison has developed an incredible new method that turns what we thought we knew about bread fishing on its head! We joined him on the bank to not only see him fish it, but to film what the roach were doing underwater! Into the deep! Jamie Harrsion gives us an in depth guide into tackling mega deep waters! Rob Wootton Rob Wootton reveals how corn and hemp might just be the edge you need this winter. Darren Cox Darren Cox tackles a changing river and explores the watercraft required to keep catching. WIN: A prize of Magnitude! A brand new Preston Innovations Magnitude 420 reel up for grabs. Keep On Rollin’ Dan Webb takes a look at the new and improved Freeflow rollers from Matrix.
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Digital Subscription–Print Subscription Matt Godfrey England international and Tackle Guru’s Ginger Ninja Matt Godfrey reports on his recent World Championship debut with the England senior team in Serbia! Lee Kery We follow reigning Feeder King Lee Kerry through the biggest feeder event in the calendar… the Feeder Masters Final! Alan Scotthorne England international and five-time world champion Alan Scotthorne demonstrates how to get the most from a massively underused method, the Bolognese. Mark Cree Paste is one of the most underused and underrated baits in angling. Dynamite Baits’ Mark Cree is your guide… Matrix MTX Dan Webb tries out the New Matrix MTX Power 11m pole. Dan Webb tries out the New Matrix MTX Power 11m pole.
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Digital Subscription–Print Subscription Balling it in - Uncovered Part 2 In part 2 of his essential guide to balling in on flowing water, Hadrian talks us through the various ways your match can go after the bombardment! Lee Kery With an eye for a good match, Lee visits the king of venues, Staunton Harrold for a two day festival. Hybrid Theory We enlist top northern anglers Carl Shepherdson and Josh Paling to try and answer the biggest questions around Method and hybrid feeder fishing. Out Of This World Billed as the slimmest and lightest rods on the market, Dan Webb gets his hands on a Browning Sphere! Pellet N Worm Steve Baraclough reveals a superb Autumn tactic for shallow water. £703.
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Digital Subscription–Print Subscription Hadrian Whittle Our river ace gives us the lowdown on balling in on flowing water and shows that it’s not just a throwaway line! Grant Albutt Big-water pellet fishing at long range is now child’s play, thanks to Dynamite Baits’ new Pinging Pellet range. Match ace Grant Albutt is your guide to what they are and how to get the best out of them. Joe Carass Snake lakes filled with F1s usually means controlled feeding and multiple lines, but former Match Fishing editor Joe Carass likes to buck the trend. Lee Kerry After pulling it out of the bag last month and getting right back into contention, we follow Lee and his Preston Innovations Telford team through the final two rounds of the Sonubaits Feeder Masters Super League.
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Digital Subscription–Print Subscription The Part Timer Carl Steffen reveals how he competes at the highest level despite not being on the bank all year round! Lee Kerry With one round gone and still all to play for, can Lee Kerry and his Preston Innovations team climb the rankings at Larford? WIN: A Mid-Range Marvel! After Dan Webb’s glowing review of the MAP 501 3G pole last month, you can win one for yourself! Feeders for feeding, wagglers for fishing! Ever found that the skimmers on shallow venues are out of pole range yet spook away from a feeder? James Lewis has the solution! Nick Speed Dynamite Baits’ Nick Speed reckons that on certain waters the Method feeder will catch you more bream at times than carp. Frightening Rods Dan Webb checks out Preston’s terrifying Monster rods! Digital Subscription–Print Subscription . . .
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Digital Subscription–Print Subscription Accupower VS Reflo Power When you have a top selling line like Reflo Power in your ranks, why would you release a rival line? Dan Webb investigates. WIN WITH MIDDY! Get your hands on Middy’s all-round marvel Reactacore XI20-3 pole worth £1,129. 98! Will Raison England ace Will says forget about fishing dead depth when targeting big bonus carp from down the edge. Steve Ringer With feeder fishing becoming more and more technical and everyone so good, finding an edge is incredibly difficult.
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Digital Subscription–Print Subscription Jon Arthur We join Jon Arthur at the prolific Bishops Bowl Fishery where he explains how you can double your catch with one simple tactic. Makin’s Merories Billy Makin is a writer and novelist now semi-retired in Thailand, where he owns and runs a couple of ‘girlie’ bars for ex-pats and holidaymakers. The French Invasion Daniel Webb investigates how the French won the Sensas Challenge. Steve Ringer Spring is always a difficult time tactically when it comes to bream fishing.
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Match Fishing checks out the new range of Black Viper rods from Browning.