Treat Your Feet! - All-Season and Thermo Boots from Vass

When you don’t have to wade and you’re fishing from a platform, your trainers or a pair of ordinary wellies just won’t cut it. Here are a couple of options from Vass that will keep your feet dry and warm… in one case very warm!

All-Season Boot
Kicking off with the All-Season Boot, this is not a thermally insulated or low temperature piece of footwear but is instead an extensively updated version of the Vass Fleece Lined Boot. As the name suggests, this boot performs beautifully at all times of year, thanks to the fleece lining, yet remains lightweight and comfortable to wear. Vass has ensured that no metal components have been installed, therefore avoiding any rust and unwanted deterioration. The All Season Boot is also showerproof on the top half and waterproof on the bottom half, and are comfortable to wear under a bib ‘n’ brace. They are easy to slip on and can be removed at the end of the match through the use of the large, quick-release Velcro strap and Easy Off Heel Kick. 

One of the discerning features compared to its predecessor is the true sizing, as the previous release was undersized. This now means a size 12 is in fact a size 12, and boots are obtainable from UK size 6 and upwards.

RRP: £79.98Thermo Boot
This is one boot that will never find you wanting for more as the Thermo Boot is guaranteed to perform in temperatures all the way down to a Baltic minus 64ºC! The thick insulated synthetic fur liner throughout the boot goes a long way to helping with the heat retention and generation. Liners are also removable for washing when required. As well as being exceptionally warm, the Thermo Boot is highly functional too, as Vass has used a blend of materials for its construction.The upper half of the boot is shower resistant, with a tough textile Khaki Green upper, as well as a quick release opening flap for fast and efficient removal. The heel kicker also helps with this, located on the lower half, which is finished in a lightweight and flexible 100 per cent waterproof material. A hard wearing deep chunky tread completes the package, providing grip like you have never experienced before! 

The Thermo Boot is available in UK sizes starting from 6, all the way up to size 13. 

RRP: £99.98