Power Without The Price

Combining impressive performance with reasonable prices and striking good looks, it’s fair to say these two new reels from Maver are going to be winners. Incorporating 5+1 ball bearings for a super-smooth performance with each turn of the handle, the intelligent oscillating system and anti-twist line roller makes line retrieval effortless, even when reeling back large feeders or big fish.

Available in two popular sizes – 3500 and 4500 – and crafted with high quality materials to ensure durability through frequent use, the compact design aids the lightweight feel, with the 3500 model weighing in at just 242g.

Although the MV-R Commercial Power reels are perfect for bomb and feeder work for carp and F1s, they are suitable for every rod and line situation, such as all types of waggler and pellet waggler fishing, and the line capacity on both models offers more than enough to cover the furthest distances that you may need to cast on typical match waters, the 3500 taking 190 metres of 0.20mm line and the 4500 140metres of 0.25mm.Other features include instant anti-reverse, so you can choose whether to play big fish on the smooth multi-disc drag or on backwind, and a computer balanced rotor that cuts out reel wobble when retrieving line quickly with the 5.2:1 ratio. An anodised spool and ambidextrous handle complete an impressive offering at very impressive prices. The £44.99 3500 model will suit smaller feeder, bomb and waggler work while the slightly larger 4500 size at £49.99 covers the heavier end of the feeder spectrum, although many angler prefer a larger, beefier reel for all their bomb and feeder work for carp.

At these prices the MV-R Commercial Power reels are well worth a look.

• Instant anti-reverse
• Computer balanced rotor
• Ambidextrous handle
• 5+1 stainless steel ball bearings
• Weighs only 242g
• Anodised spool
• Anti-twist line roller
• Intelligent oscillating system
• Multi-disc drag
• Ratio: 5.2:1
• Left or right hand retrieve

RRP: 3500 £44.99, 4500 £49.99
WEBSITE: www.mavermatch.co.uk