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Joe Carass reveals the latest big-fish groundbait from Sonubaits – it stinks!

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Match Fishing takes a look at the Feedertech accessories from Sensas.
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Commercial master Andy Bennett reveals the lessons he has learnt to bag up using the pellet waggler. Refining the pellet waggler is the key to continued success with this popular approach. Just like any attack, the anglers who perfect it and make it their own will be incredibly hard to beat. One angler who springs immediately to mind is Andy Power; he has years of experience on the method and just keeps on catching with it.
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Joe Carass reports back on almost a year of use with the Duralite platform.
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Joe Carass looks at the groundbaits from Spotted Fin that he has used over the past 12 months. Last year was the first chance that I really got a chance to properly look through the Spotted Fin range. I had been sent some bits to look at and was immediately impressed with what I saw. Over a year on and I have some real experience with the GO2 blends and have used them extensively with some great results.

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Joe Carass checks out the Tri-Cast Excellence range of rods that may just be the best the company has produced yet!
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Joe Carass checks out the brand new Response XS Carp pole from Preston Innovations

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Digital Subscription–Print Subscription Steve Ringer – Big Bream Tactics We all love a big bream, right? If you do then you have to read this The Deadly Combo Tony Curd lifts the lid on a method that keeps working for him The Practice with Lee Kerry We join Lee at the beautiful and vast Bough Beech in readiness for the Feeder Masters final The Numbers Game England's Kevin Folwell has been catching over 1,500 fish in five hours – here’s how! Win a seat box Fancy winning the new Preston Innovations Inception SL30 boxes? Here is your chance Dynamite Bait Clinic This month: the panel answers your burning questions: Loose Feed or Not Colmic Rig Clinic This month we look at River Hemp Rigs What’s Hot An early look at the eagerly awaited MTX pole range from Matrix Digital Subscription–Print Subscription . . . .
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Match Fishing reveals the accessory cases from the brilliant Middy MX luggage range.
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A huge fan of Middy’s current elastic range, Joe Carass gets his hands on the brilliant new Reactacore hollow elastic.