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Phil Ringer explains just what the process and ingredients list looks like when developing a new groundbait mix. He has been responsible for some of the best and most popular mixes over the past20 years. Classics like Ringers Original and Dark have been huge for that entire time, no matter whether bream or carp are the target. But how does Phil go about developing a new mix? And what exactly goes into a groundbait to make it work? We joined him to take a look at the development behind the brand new Ringers Feeder mix… The Background I have never wanted to produce too many different groundbaits.
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Kayleigh Smith blogs how she won the prestigious Ladies Fisho title… for the second time! This year saw the Fish ’O’ Mania final return to Hayfield Lakes, which left me with mixed feelings – on the one hand I was happy as it was closer to home so it would be easier to get down a few times for a practice, but on the other hand it has its challenges, including the big old fish that can go 20lb plus, meaning that no one is ever out of it. I had a couple of practice sessions/matches and managed 18 carp for 107lb in one and 16 carp for 96lb in the other, catching a few fish and getting my confidence up. I also learnt a few things along the way that came into play in the final. On the day I drew Peg 6, which was permanent Peg 71 and also an end peg, although I could only fish up to this side of the next platform.
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Joe Carass gets the whisk out and checks out the new Feeder Super Blend from Spotted Fin. It is coming as no surprise that bait companies are now developing specific mixes for feeder fishing. Anglers are demanding more and more feeder-specific tackle and bait and companies are coming up with the goods . Here at Match Fishing we have been very impressed with what Spotted Fin has been up to – brilliant bait with quality that is second to none.
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Match Fishing takes delivery of Middy’s new luggage range.
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Joe Carass takes a look at the new Slider keepnet system from MAP

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Joe Carass gets on the bank with this stunning looking range of rods from Browning. I am a huge fan of Browning rods. Having used the Black Viper MK2 range extensively over the last 18 months, I have been drawn into seriously checking out all of the other rods in the range. The Silverlite rods were a range that definitely intrigued me.
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Match Fishing loads up the Frenzee HGV MK2 trolley to see just how good it is.
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Digital Subscription–Print Subscription The Dynamite Baits Bait Clinic In the first of this series we will bring you all the biggest names in the business to answer your bait questions It's Time For F1s, But It's Feeder Only When fishing the feeder for F1s you need to think about how you feed fishing the pole. Will Raison explains why. Practice Makes Perfect Young star in the making Matty Dawes is on the quest for big-match qualification. But does he go about it? Buyers Guide To Distance Feeders We look at all the various distance feeders on the market.
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We look at two new additions to the AS Feeder range. Mini Bullet Feeder – RRP: £1. 92 The water is still cold and being able to use a small feeder at distance is a massive edge. For a long time anglers have had to use small, adapted and cut-down rocket feeders, but no longer as AS feeders has developed a Mini Bullet Feeder.
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Match Fishing gets its hands on the brilliant new Octbox D25 MK18. The Octbox team really are the best at listening to what their customers want. The head of design, Rick Tyler, spends hours on the phone to his many customers and always looks for ways to incorporate what they are saying and to improve the highly popular seatbox range. The D25 MK18 is the perfect example of listening to customer feedback and making improvements.