Sensas Softpellet Range

Sensas is making big inroads into the commercial-fishery bait market and its brand-new range of soft pellets caught the eye of Joe Carass at a recent trade show – he just had to take a closer look.

A nglers who fish commercial venues are spoilt for choice! Not only have they got hundreds of venues around the country to fish, they also have hundreds of baits with which to target the fish! There are many brands on the bait market these days and it’s often difficult to gain an edge over other competitors.

Sensas has looked at this problem, and it would have been very easy for the company to re-badge some bulk-bought pellets and sell them on. It didn’t want to do this, however, and set out to design a range of soft pellets that would appeal to every angler who visits commercial venues… and that’s where the new commercial-fishery range of soft hooker pellets comes in.

First up is the extremely clever Treble Choice range. These are basically small selection pots that come with three sections for three variations. The Treble Choice pots come in three flavours – Fruit, Spicy and Fish – and each flavour has three different varieties too so, for example, the spicy pot includes Hot Chilli, Madras and Tandoori. There are many different configurations available; some have 4mm hook pellets, some 6mms and others have a combination of 4mm, 6mm and paste. This is a great little idea and one that I’m sure plenty of anglers will be using over the next few months.

The next addition to the range are Super Hook Pellets. These are available in 4mm and 6mm sizes and again come in a large range of flavours. The pellets come in a nice-sized tub that should last you several sessions, and they have a nice firm texture that will stay on the hook well yet are not so hard that the hook won’t pull through them and cause bumped fish.

The range of flavours is quite interesting – the Carp F1 flavour in particular has a very subtle sweet smell that we are sure will prove very effective. The Garlic flavour is two-time Fish ‘O’ Mania champion Matt Hall’s pellet of choice; he has long been a fan of adding garlic to his pellets and he swears by its effectiveness, especially in colder water.

Next we come to the Super Hook Chunks. These are firm pellets, roughly 10mm in size. Again they are available in several flavours. They look great for fishing on the bottom on the pole on silty venues where big hook baits that stand out can be important, or even venues where paste and cat meat are banned. They have a firm texture so can be cast out with a rod and line quite easily.

If the Super Hook Chunks aren’t big enough then Sensas has also developed Mega Hook Chunks! These 15mm monster hook pellets look absolutely perfect for bomb fishing when loose feeding large pellets. They are packed with flavours and even have a bit of liquid that drips off them.

This is a great range from Sensas and one that will really appeal to match, club and pleasure anglers alike, they are good value and more importantly… catch fish!

Sensas SoftPellet Range


• Super Hook Pellets – £2.50
• Super Hook Chunks – £3.50
• Mega Hook Chunks – £3.99
• Treble Choice Baits – £3.99