Shimano Stradic Fk Reel

Long-reputable tackle giant Shimano has cranked up the torque yet again in the reel department for 2016, with the release of the show-stopping Stradic FK – a flagship match reel with a new no-back-wind concept!

The eternal question that is often asked within tackle development is how much better can fishing tackle get? Shimano has always been respected for making quality reels, and year after year new technology is applied to produce something more advanced than ever before.

Gracing the shelves of Shimano’s showroom on our recent visit was the brand-new Stradic FK, assured to tickle the taste buds of the country’s tackle aficionados!

A new gear concept, known as Hagane Gear, has been applied to this reel, which provides maximum strength and efficiency throughout the tool. On the outside, the aluminium body creates the perfect protection case, within which Shimano’s X-Ship System and shielded A-RB bearings are held.

Engineering expertise has been applied to enhance the fish-playing performance this reel offers. The front drag is waterproof, and allows you to adjust it with the finest control.

There is also a Rigid Support Drag, preventing unwanted movements and deviations when the drag is loosely set.

The drag release is equally smooth no matter how tight or loose it is set, and how fast or jerky the movement of the fish you are playing. This keeps consistent pressure on your tackle, and eliminates breakages at vital stages of a fight, such as netting. One thing the reel doesn’t have is a back wind.

This shows just how confident Shimano is in the drag system here; perhaps this will be the setting of a new standard in modern match reels?

Finishing touches have been applied in way of the line clip, designed to cushion your feeder on the cast without causing any line damage. The roller allows extra smooth retrieval, and has zero effect on the performance of your reel line, no matter how thick or thin its diameter. The one-piece bail is solid and reliable, without appearing overly brawny, making line control and casting easy.

For maximum energy retainment and power, the handle is a screw-in that puts it in direct contact with the gears, minimising any play here. Also, the Stradic is no longer in its traditional white colour, as it has been enhanced both cosmetically and technically.

Of course, all this technology and reliability comes at a price, but for a flagship match reel £139.99 is a reflection of what you’re getting. If you’re after a reliable, all-round piece of kit, that feels, looks and performs to professional expectations, check out the Stradic FK.


Floating Shaft 11
Power Roller
Super Stopper 11
Rigid support drag
Waterproof drag
One-piece bail
Single machined aluminium handle
Diecast aluminium frame
Shielded A-RB bearings


ST1000HGFK: £139.99
ST2500HGFK: £139.99
STC3000HGFK: £139.99
ST4000HGFK: £149.99
HTC5000XGFK: £149.99