Si Wi Tackle Quad Box

Joe Carass runs the rule over two new seatboxes from Si-Wi Tackle!

It is fair to say that seatbox design hasn’t moved on much in the last five years or so. The famous Rive seatbox system has really taken the market by storm and, despite its high price tag, it still surprises me just how many you see on the bank.

Understandably, many other manufacturers have followed suit and made seatboxes along similar lines to the Rive system. But I must admit I have been waiting to see something new and different, and the Quad Box might just be it.

The main idea around the box is the clever four-leg design. Most of the seatbox systems on the market have a six-leg base and, to be honest, are a bit of a nightmare to get set up. With this unique system the middle legs are only on the box to house any side trays or accessories.

The base frame of the box is super-strong and one of the best-engineered bits of kit I have ever seen! And it needs to be strong because using just four legs means that there is a hell of a lot of downforce on the middle of the box. When I first set it up I thought that the lack of a middle leg would make the seatbox unstable, but nothing could be further from the truth! When the box is set up it is rock solid – there is simply no wobble at all! The frame is just awesome, and combined with the 30mm legs it is super-stable.

The box itself comes in a three-drawer configuration and a smaller two-drawer version. The three-drawer version is the more expensive model and features two front drawers and one cross drawer. There are two winder trays and a separate base unit that pulls out of the box. The legs are also double-extending to give you plenty of scope.

The smaller seatbox has two front drawers and combined four-winder trays. This box doesn’t have the double extending legs, meaning the box sits much lower to the ground, something I really like!

Both of the boxes feature fantastic gel cushions that mould nicely to your derrière and provide high levels of comfort. One nice touch is the height-adjustment facility. Whereas on the Rive the seating position can only be altered by adding trays, the Quad Box has an independent height adjustment, which I love!

Finally, a new addition to the range is the platform, which is huge! It will comfortably fit a box such as a Rive or Preston Space Station. Again this is a four-leg design that is super strong and stable. As soon as I saw it, though, I thought: “That looks heavy!” I can say, however, that it isn’t in the slightest! A further bonus is a separate wheel kit that can be attached to the platform. It also can be used on the boxes.

I must admit, I really like these seatboxes. They’re not too big and that four-leg system is a massive plus in my opinion. If you’re in the market for a new box, take a look at these beauties – I’m sure you’ll be impressed!

Three-Drawer Quad Box
RRP: £699.99
Two-Drawer Quad Box
RRP: £549.99
Platform RRP: £199.99
Wheel Kit RRP: £74.99