Tri Cast Trilogy Match Rods

Renowned for their quality, Tri-Cast rods are among some of the finest available. Editor Alex Bones takes a close look at three of their latest 14ft and 15ft models.

Recognising the increase in demand for long float rods on river venues like the Avon, Severn, Trent and Wye, Rochdale-based Tri-Cast has had these three rods in development for just over 12 months. Designed primarily for stick float and waggler work on rivers, they are nothing short of a pleasure.

Tri-Cast is rightfully proud of the fact that all of their rods are made in England, allowing them to perfect every aspect with a hands-on approach to bring you the right tools for the job.

Keen to see just what these rods were like I assembled them in the office before taking them out on the bank for a test.

More accustomed to using 12ft and 13ft waggler rods I expected these to be a little top heavy and unmanageable. Nothing could have been further from the truth as the exceptional balance and surprising lack of weight were the first two points that struck me.

The slim blank and minimalist graphics give a look that oozes class and the through action allows you to apply progressive pressure. The tip sections are soft and forgiving on the X-variant models, allowing you to use light hooklengths with confidence and main lines up to 6lb, but the main benefit in the length is the control it allows you and, just as importantly, super-fast line pick-up. The speed at which each rod picks the line up off the water on the strike is magnificent and, without a doubt, will see you hooking more fish.

The blank is made from a very high-modulus M-series carbon, making both of the X versions adequate for swinging sizeable roach, dace and other fish to hand when you’re catching quickly.

The XS model is a power version designed for bigger fish, like chub and barbel, and for fishing in snaggier swims where you’re going to need more ‘grunt’ to pull fish away from obstacles, or guide them through powerful currents. Tri-Cast suggests a maximum line rating of 8lb with this rod, which is going to be plenty for all but the most brutal of float applications on running water.

The XS blank is made from even higher-modulus carbon than the X, which is what gives it the extra stiffness and power.

14FT TRILOGY X MATCH ROD (142g): £239.99
14FT TRILOGY XS MATCH ROD (154g): £239.99
15FT TRILOGY X MATCH ROD (208g): £249.99