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Steve Barraclough is on the cover of the May issue and we decided to join him on his first match back after lockdown. 

He was fishing the two-day silver fish festival at Woodland Lakes, Thirsk, and it couldn’t have gone any better on day one for the Browning sponsored angler. We followed his match from start to finish so you can see how he won his first match back. Steve Barraclough is on the cover of the May issue and we decided to join him on his first match back after lockdown.
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Match Fishing monthly columnist and bagging machine Andy Power graces the front cover of our April issue. With his usual diary piece on hold because of lockdown, we joined him on the banks of Hillview Fishery to see how he approaches a method that has helped him qualify for many big-money finals over the years, the short pole. Your own weights are sure to increase if you follow Andy’s advice. Also in this month’s issue is Nick Speed, who has written a fascinating insight into watercraft and how it can help you make crucial decisions in matches, legend Steve Gardener is showing us why he likes Old Bury Hill Lake so much and Des Shipp and Phil Ringer are explaining how they fish the Method feeder.
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Nick Speed is on the front cover of the March 2021 issue and inside the magazine we join him at Lindholme Lakes, a venue that’s become a second home for him over the years. In the feature he discusses how you can read your swim and use the information to help you make key decisions and make the most of your peg. Elsewhere we join Steve Ringer at Barston Lakes where he shows you how to ‘dob’ for carp on the feeder, Andy Power gives you his top 10 tips for tackling commercials in spring and Des Shipp is at Monkhall Fishery to show some of the pellet tactics he uses as the water begins to warm up. There are also features with Steve Tucker, Wayne Sharman, Dan Webb, Alex Bates, Lottie Wootton and James Robbins, as well as our regular contributors Darren Cox, Kye Jerrom, Billy Makin and last but not least, Andy May.
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BUY Digital Issue– BUYPrint Issue Chard On Fire We join Bait-Tech’s Andy Neal for a feeder session at his favourite bream water, the impressive Chard Reservoir in Devon. BUY Digital Issue–BUYPrint Issue The Long And Short Of It We take a close look at Darren Cox’s winter silver fish approach and learn some of the secrets that make him very hard to beat at this style of fishing. BUY Digital Issue–BUYPrint Issue Break Out The Waggler With the increased popularity of silver fish leagues, Keith Easton reckons the best way to give you an edge is by fishing the waggler. BUY Digital Issue–BUYPrint Issue Two + Two = Win! Browning’s Jim Hall reckons that by fishing a feeder like you would a pole, your results will soar will improve tenfold.
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BUY Digital Issue– BUYPrint Issue Venue Detective Andy May has quite enjoyed fishing during the lockdown because it’s given him the perfect opportunity to target his favourite fish… chub! BUY Digital Issue–BUYPrint Issue An Inch Makes All The Difference With lockdown restrictions in place, it proved the perfect opportunity for Des Shipp to visit Harescombe Fishery to show us how he targets quality roach on commercials. BUY Digital Issue–BUYPrint Issue Andy Power’s Diary Another lockdown and no match fishing so this month we asked Andy to part with his top 10 tips for tackling commercials in winter. BUY Digital Issue–BUYPrint Issue Setting The Pace Tackling flowing water can be a challenge for many anglers, especially when using float tactics. But follow river expert Darren Cox’s advice and your weights are sure to improve.
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BUY Digital Issue– BUYPrint Issue Changing Places Darren Cox exploits the current explosion of small skimmers at Barston Lakes and reveals how he calculates his required catch rate. BUY Digital Issue–BUYPrint Issue Winter Wisdom Few anglers have as much top-level match fishing knowledge or experience than Tommy Pickering. We asked him for his best winter advice to keep you catching in the cold… BUY Digital Issue–BUYPrint Issue Keep It Tight And Tidy Sean Cameron shows why you shouldn’t be afraid to use Stickymag in a feeder. BUY Digital Issue–BUYPrint Issue Beat The Tow, Win Some Dough We follow Steve Ringer on midweek match in the depths of winter on his favourite winter venue, Boddington Reservoir.
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Although we can still go fishing during this second lockdown, it can be tricky for many to get out. There’s no need to sit around moping though, why not take the opportunity to give your kit a much needed overhaul. If you are changing the lines on any of your reels, it’s really important that you dispose of the old line in a safe way. The same is true of any old spools of line you have.
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BUY Digital Issue– BUYPrint Issue PVA Equals Bigger Fish Fish are wising up to heavily used tactics on some commercial venues and Phil Ringer combats that by using PVA bags on a flat feeder BUY Digital Issue–BUYPrint Issue The Past Master Fishing beyond your feed is a big part of Des Shipp’s success and here he shows you how he does it on the Method feeder. BUY Digital Issue–BUYPrint Issue It’s broke, so fix it! Will Raison arrived with a plan in mind on a recent trip to Bough Beech, but he had to adapt his tactics to turn a failing approach around to keep the fish coming. BUY Digital Issue–BUYPrint Issue Less Is More There’s a big difference between targeting silver fish on commercials compared to their cousins that live in natural venues as Joe Carass demonstrates. BUY Digital Issue–BUYPrint Issue Garbolino Club Angler Of The Year – Midlands Qualifier & The Final It’s the last chance for club anglers to get to our prestigious final so check out who made it from the Midlands qualifier.
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BUY Digital Issue– BUYPrint Issue Staying In Control It’s a bit of a dying art but fishing with a float attached top and bottom is a key skill for any river angler, as Rob Perkins demonstrates. BUY Digital Issue–BUYPrint Issue Three In One Dynamite Baits’ Andy Kinder reveals how he tackles Hayfield Lakes by fishing three different methods on one line. BUY Digital Issue–BUYPrint Issue Fishing On The Edge Bagging machine Des Shipp shows you a great tactic for catching more carp down the edge when feeding groundbait. BUY Digital Issue–BUYPrint Issue Blocked Out Of Our Memories! Garbolino’s Darren Cox is fishing the blockend feeder with chopped worm on a low and clear Warwickshire Avon.
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BUY Digital Issue– BUYPrint Issue Pulling Power The River Trent is a brilliant venue for feeder anglers and Rob Wootton reckons the pulling power of pellets for silver fish can’t be ignored. BUY Digital Issue–BUYPrint Issue Keep It Up Your Sleeve! He doesn’t fish it very often, but the paste is a tactic that Des Shipp saves for certain situations. BUY Digital Issue–BUYPrint Issue Mixing It Up Darren Cox loves his river fishing and this month he shows you how to approach shallow running water swims in low and clear conditions. BUY Digital Issue–BUYPrint Issue Give Them A Meat Treat Meat is a bait that has lost a bit of its popularity and Dynamite Baits’ Aiden Mansfield wants to right that wrong.