Colmic Thunder 333 Seatbox

At £299 this is well worth a look for anyone looking for something new to park their derrière on while out on the bank.

Colmic has a reputation for producing good-quality tackle and, if you look at its new and existing portfolio of products, it’s easy to see why.

This competition seatbox has been designed with weight and practicality in mind – it tips the scales at just under 12kg, which is lightweight for a box in this day and age.

The module slides on four telescopic legs, making it very easy to adjust and adapt to almost any bankside terrain.

The footplate itself is also adjustable on the same four legs as the module, allowing you to position it to perfectly suit your leg height even if you’ve had to jack the box up high to get over large rocks or awkward obstacles on the bank.

The footplate also features a centralised keepnet holder and spirit level, and the legs are all 30 millimetres in diameter so both Colmic and other manufacturers’ existing attachments will fit directly on.

There are two deep front drawers, manufactured in plastic for durability, as well as a deep full-width side drawer.

Storage is plentiful with two deep and one shallow storage compartment between the individual sections of the module.

However, because of the recessed areas once the compartments are closed, you can actually fit more than you think in every compartment.

For example, the deeper area will hold four of the latest Preston hook boxes, or plenty of other accessories.

There’s also a side tray supplied with the box, which neatly stores away under the module.

With a solid shoulder strap and well-designed carbon-effect pole seat it’s perfect for the open, club or occasional match angler alike.

RRP: £299