Garbolino G Max M1 Pole

When Garbolino’s Darren Cox tells you a pole is the best he has ever used you have to take note! Joe Carass is the lucky man to get it out on the bank to give his verdict!

Judging by the number of Garbolino poles you see on the bank, the company must be doing something right! Having being involved with a Garbolino-sponsored team for a few years I have fished with just about every top-end pole the French tackle giant has designed over the past few years.

I used a Super G10 for two years and many of my angling friends use a G-Max 1000. Both of these poles are up there with the stiffest on the market; in fact, I would go so far as saying I don’t think I’ve ever used a more rigid pole than the G-Max 1000. So, understandably, I couldn’t wait to give the M1 a trial session to see how it stacked up against or bettered the previous offerings.

Straightaway the pole’s improvements are clear to see – it’s difficult for a pole to be made stiffer than the G-Max 1000, but somehow the M1 is!

Slapping has become a commonplace method on commercials now but the stress this places on poles is incredible and I have seen loads of broken butt section on various poles because of it. Garbolino has spotted this problem and has designed a pole that will cope with the stresses of this technique.

The butt sections have been given a treatment that prevents them from delaminating, which is the cause of the breakages. It is obviously going to take several months of use before we can tell whether this process improves the pole, but at least Garbolino has done something about it.

The other key thing about a Garbolino pole is its length; even after cutting back the pole measures a true 16 metres. Sadly this cannot be said about all of the 16m poles on the market.

The spares package of the pole is awesome, as it comes with a total of seven top kits, two spare No4 sections, two short No4 sections and a cupping kit and cups. The pole is supplied in protective tubes and a quality deluxe holdall. A cracking package that justifies the price tag.

The M1 also boasts a superb finish that makes it a dream to use. The butt sections feature a smooth finish that glides through your hands even on those horrible days when your pole is neither wet nor dry! The rest of the sections have Garbolino’s Slip ‘n’ Slide finish on them, which again is a doddle to use.

For my review session I took the M1 to the snaking and winding Barby Banks fishery, near Rugby. This is a typical commercial canal-type lake with lots of far-bank reed cover and overhanging trees that all looked to be likely looking fish-holding spots. With it being a cold morning with large pieces of ice on the lake I felt that simply dobbing bread into any possible hotspots would be the way to go. The peg I chose to sit on required a full 16 metres to reach some of the best-looking spots, and a stiff breeze would make using the pole difficult, so it was going to be a real test of the M1’s rigidity.

When I first shipped across to the far bank I was amazed by just how stiff it is! I actually had the Power Puller Slot kit on and was gobsmacked by how good the pole was, even with this beefier kit on. The finish was excellent and the M1 felt as solid as a rock while I was trying to hold it steady in the wind.

The day was typical and it took me well over an hour before I got a bite; luckily I found a small shoal of carp at the extreme end of my peg and I managed to sneak a few out before they backed off into the open water. It gave me a couple of hours of using the pole and all I can say is that it is exceptional! The pole is stiff, strong, slim, has a good finish and is a joy to use!

If any of you G-Max 1000 fans are wondering whether it is worth upgrading, then I would definitely say yes. The pole is slightly stiffer, and I say slightly only because the 1000 is already unbelievably stiff! The improvements to the butt sections are a major plus point in my opinion and will dramatically reduce breakages.

To sum up then, this is an impressive pole that I urge you to have a look at!  

RRP: £3,171.83
SSP: £2,450

16.2m G-Max M1 including 1x Match Lite kit inside the pole
2x 4.4m Match Lite kits
2x 2.9m Match Lite kits
1x 2.9m Power Lite kit
1x 2.9m Power Puller Slot kit
1x Extendable cupping kit and cups
2x Short No4s
1x deluxe holdall