For The Record - Colmic Record Whips

I must admit, I was buzzing to get out with these new whips from Colmic. Not just because they looked like a great piece of kit, but mainly because it gave me chance to visit my favourite venue – the mighty River Trent after a summer of commercial fishing!

There is something about fishing to hand too that really gets the juices flowing. With the correct tackle, it’s an absolute pleasure as every shake and movement of the fish can be felt through the whip. Fishing at its purest!

The great thing about tools like the whips I have bought out today is, they allow this wonderful style of fishing to be done on a budget too. These little crackers start at just £26.99 for the shortest 2m model in the range, with the longest 5m whip only costing £62.99. Being telescopic, they all pack down to just 110cm too, so can be easily transported around.

We sat on the mighty outflow peg at Burton Joyce for a dabble, my intention being to catch some of the many dace and bleak that inhabit the area. As with all Colmic products, I must say the presentation was classy, a padded case that would look more at home on a whip well above this price point.I swiftly assembled the longest in the range, and set it up with a rig for fishing shallow. Maggots, with some prototype Sensate powder were thrown in to get the fish competing.

The top of the whips don’t feature any connector or silicone, so it’s down to the angler to sort his own connector. I use the twizzled line method, which held the rig in place perfectly.

In truth, I would have liked to have cut around 10cm off the tip of the whip for a slightly crisper action, but with this only being a model for testing it didn’t seem fair to do this. 

I must add, this is a very personal thing; I just find the fish easier to unhook with less bounce in the tip – but some people might prefer the softer action that the longer tip gives.

Given the budget nature of these whips I did temper my expectations in terms of quality and performance, but I needn’t have bothered, the 5m model that I selected was very useable, and to be honest a joy to fish with. 

The response was crisp (and would have been even crisper with a bit chopped off the end) and the blank sat well in the hand. They aren’t the lightest whips I’ve ever used, but I could comfortably fish with them all day.The day started slower than expected – surely I hadn’t lost my touch after a summer’s commie bashing? This is only the best small fish peg on the Trent after all! Whether the fish were out in the main flow I’m not sure, but after around half an hour’s feeding the small fish rocked up en masse, and it was literally a fish every chuck. 

Lots of small dace and bleak, which I was able to it hit with ease thanks to the crisp action and I did also encounter a couple of more chunky perch, which gave more of an account of themselves – but again no challenge for the Record whips.

As far as I’m concerned, the 5m whip passed with flying colours – I’d happily fish with one, especially at such a pocket friendly price.

I had a feel at the whole range, and for the record (no pun intended) I can say they are all exceptional value. For the UK angler, who might only need to call on these tools a handful of times every season, they offer the chance to buy a range of whips that will cover you for any conceivable length at a price that won’t break the bank. Top marks from me.