Used & Abused: Guru F1 Pellet Perfection!

Sometimes you see a new hook being released and you just know it is the right hook for your fishing. That was certainly the case when Guru launched the F1 Pellet a few years ago.

I prefer hooks of this shape for much of my fishing and was missing something this fine. Guru being Guru spotted the gap for a hook of this nature and the F1 Pellet was launched – I have hardly used anything else since in the winter!

As regular readers will know, hook sharpness is a bone of contention with me. I may not be a tackle tart but when it comes to hooks, only the sharpest will do. I change my hooks regularly throughout the match to ensure that the hook is always perfect.

With these, that is never ever an issue. They are the sharpest hooks that I have used and even with large catches of fish, remain sharp. Throughout this winter I have fished the Feeder Masters Winter Pairs at Hallcroft and presenting two or three bloodworm has been the best way of catching the skimmers.

F1 pellet

Bloodworm needs to be mounted on a razor sharp hook and these F1 Pellets are superb – they really are. Hook-holds and bait presentation are incredible and fish loss throughout this winter’s feeder fishing has been minimal. In fact in the final two rounds of the Winter Pairs, I hooked 29 skimmers and landed 29, which helped me to a first and a third in the 60-peg matches. The faith I have in them for this style of fishing is unmatched.

Of course these aren’t just a feeder hook and in fact they are actually designed, as the name suggests, for pellet fishing for F1s. Back when I was fishing Tunnel Barn throughout the winter, these hooks were superb for that too!

hook bait 2

It’s got to the point where all of my winter hooklengths just have an F1 Pellet on. They are deceptively strong too; I have had weights approaching 200lb on the size 16s when catching F1s shallow. Also the occasional carp that is hooked on the many commercial silver-fish matches that I fish are usually all landed without even the hint of them opening out.

In short, these hooks are brilliant. If you need to bring a bit of finesse to your commercial fishing, be that for silvers, F1s or small carp then these are without a doubt the hooks to try – you will not be disappointed.

RRP: £1.99

Verdict: Our go-to winter hook for commercial fisheries.