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Wednesday KOBRA Open resultLocation of match: Lake Two, Dynamite Makins FisheryDate of match: 11/07/12Number of pegs/anglers: 19Report:On a welcome return to Lake Two after a break of several weeks, fisher were caught from all areas of the lake. Winner John Adamson caught 33 fish (9 bream and the rest carp) from peg A8 on method feeder fished to the island. Rubber up Neil Russell (peg A20) caught on bomb and pellet. Top 5 anglers and weights:1: John ADAMSON - Kobra Feeders & LEVAS Weight: 135-002: Neil RUSSELL - Kobra Feeders & Swann Baits Weight: 97-003: Dave White - Mansfield Sensas Weight: 85-124: Pete WOOD - Makins Weight: 72-085: Eddie KEENE - Coventry Weight: 52-02.
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Thursday Kobra Open result Location of match: Thames & Avons, Dynamite Makins Date of match: 12/07/12 Number of pegs/anglers: 32 Report: The top two, Lee Ensall & Sam Brown were fish for fish on Avon pegs 21 and 23, both catching on pellet presented on the pole, Lee finally edging it by a mere 8 oz. His travelling partner, Lee Westwood was top weight on Thames with 60-12 from peg 7. Top 5 anglers and weights: 1: Lee ENSALL - Litchfield Weight: 69-04 2: Sam BROWN - Team Makins Weight: 68-12 3: Lee WESTWOOD - Litchfield Weight: 60-12 4: Rob MATTHERS - West Lodge MG Weight: 51-02 5: Wayne CARTER - Mental Baits Weight: 44-08. .
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Wednesday KOBRA Open resultsLocation of match: Lake Four, MAKINSDate of match: 04/07/12Number of pegs/anglers: 24Report:Match was fished in heavy rain showers. John Adamson (peg 2) caught on method feeder fished to right margin, and landed 15 carp for 91-14, most fish coming in last 2 hours. On opposite bank, Ben Lockwood (peg 19) caught small carp on pellet waggler steadily throughout for 74-06. Barry Duggan's 47-06 was taken late on feeder from peg 17.
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Thursday KOBRA Open resultsLocation of match: Snake & Reptile - MakinsDate of match: 05/07/12Number of pegs/anglers: 26Report:Ton Neil caught late on paste from margin from Rep2 for his 62-12 and a narrow win over his travelling partner, Bob Gray, who also fished paste for his 62-06 catch from Snake10, which was half bream and half carp. Top 5 anglers and weights:1: Tom NEIL - Leicester Weight: 62-12 (PICTURED)2: Bob GRAY - Oakham Weight: 62-063: Lee WESTWOOD - Litchfield Weight: 55-124: Ian MORRIS - Rugby Weight: 53-105: Baz SMITHSON - Gedling Tackle Weight: 52-00. . .
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Barby Banks evening series, 27th June. Match Fishing editorial assistant Joe Carass took his first victory in the series with a relatively low 65lb 4oz. Joe's catch was made up of 30 small pastie-sized carp that were caught on 4mm expander over micro pelletsfished in 10 inches of water tight to the island. Running the winner close was Pole Fishing's Tom Scholey with a level 60lb.
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Barby Banks evening series, 4th July Match Fishing's Joe Carass took the top prize for the second week running despite torrential rain that prevented the anglers from seeing their floats! Joe caught 15 small carp tight across on pellets before catching 16 down the edge on paste over groundbait for a 84lb 6oz total. In second place was Guru-backed Mark Griffiths with 67lb, Mark took his net of small carp on dead maggots and worms over groundbait fished both tight across and down the edge. The matches are on every Wednesday evening and cost just £12 to enter with just £3 taken out for peg fees. Draw at 5.
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NSW SCAC Winter League Round 2 resultLocation of match: Sydney, AustraliaDate of match: 1/7/12Number of pegs/anglers: 17Report: Another cold spell in Sydney for the week before the second round of the NSW SCAC winter league saw low weights recorded on Caddis Creek. Despite the hard fishing it was still a close match with wild goldfish making up the difference in many of the weights. Dara Finnegan won today’s match catching all carp on the pole/worm and is now leading the winter league with one match to go. Ivan Mitchell was 2nd and Richard Brown has moved into 2nd in the league with finishing 3rd in today’s matchTop 5 anglers and weights:1: Dara Finnegan Weight: 10.
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Victoria Products League - Round Eight resultLocation of match: United KingdomDate of match: 01/07/12Number of pegs/anglers: 20Report: Victoria Products League - Round eight saw the club back on Kiaora for the last time until the final league match in October and with a settled period of weather in the run up to the match prospects were good. Twenty anglers fished and on the day the form peg one was the place to be. Steve Jeffery fished an excellent match landing twelve carp for a total weight of 54lb 10oz - He won the £70 1st prize and ten league points. Runner up winning £55 and eight league points was Eddie Evans (Team Jinx) From peg 8 with 41lb 8oz.
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Airsprung AA Open resultLocation of match: Bristol Avon Barton Farm Date of match: 1/7/12Number of pegs/anglers: 16Report:The Bristol Avon had fined down nicely following the previous weeks floods but was still carrying a touch of pace. The expected bagging session just did not happen. Most of the action was on the first 3 pegs by the rowing club, and coming out on top on peg 2 was Garbolino Blackmore Vale’s Richie Tomala. Richie fished the pole at 13 with a 3 gram rig over groundbait and caster.
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Barby Banks Evening Series, Rugby, Warwickshire – Wednesday 20th June. Pole Fishing editor Jon Arthur topped the field with his third successive ton-up catch in the Barby Banks three-hour evening contests. The Pole Fishing editor used a variety of tactics in his 13m wide swim, including pellets, groundbait and maggots and the Method feeder underamed tight across for 30 carp and a 118lb 8oz winning catch. In second place was Mark Griffiths (Guru) with 87lb 4oz with worm over groundbait while Mick Timson (Dynamite Makins) was third with 65lb 10oz (he wasn't allowed to weigh in the surprise crayfish he caught!).
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Barby Banks Evening Series, Rugby, Warwickshire – Wednesday 13th June. The carp were in an iffy mood on the second Barby Banks evening contest but, just like last week, two ton-up catches headed the frame. First place this time went to Mark Griffiths (Guru) with a fantastic 126lb 8oz catch in just three hours. Mark caught most of his fish late on with maggot and worm over groundbait and included carp to 8lb plus a bonus 2lb barbel.
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NSWSCAC Winter League Round 1 Result. . . 3rd June 2012 - Sydney, AustraliaNumber of pegs/anglers: 17Report: Seventeen anglers turned out for the first leg of the NSW SCAC Winter league last weekend at Hawkesbury racetrack’s lake.
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Victoria Products League - Round Seven results. . . 3rd June 2012Number of pegs/anglers: 22Report: Two in a row for Walton - Twenty two Exeter members fished seventh round of the Victoria Products League at KiaOra Gold Pond.
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Kennet & Avon Spring teams of 4 League, Final Round Result. . . 27th May 2012Number of pegs/anglers: 88Report: After a spring that has felt more like the winter at times, the temperature soared for the final Round of this competitive 4 match canal series, and the weights followed suit with over 20lb needed to top the event and 14 anglers reaching double figures!On top of the pile was Sensas Wiltshire angling’s Mark Lloyd who drew peg C9 on the bush at the Station section below Great Bedwyn, Mark weighed of 21lb 4oz of skimmers which he caught steadily throughout the 5 hours and also included a couple of bream around the 3lb mark which he tempted on the chopped worm against the bush at 14MAlso on the same section was second placed Mike Marsden of Pewsey who was on C1 near the car park.
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EDAA KiaOra Gold Pond Result. . . 27th May 2012Number of pegs/anglers: 16Report: Sixteen Exeter members fished the rescheduled match at KiaOra Gold pond this Sunday in glorious sunshine.