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Location of match: Avons - Dynamite Makins Date of match: 29/08/12Number of pegs/anglers: 21Report:Continual rain throughout both draw and match reduced attendance and affected weights except for winner, Kev Orr, who on Avon peg 3 caught 28 carp on corn fished short for his 120-08 catch. Matt Hall (48-04 Av peg 8) and Charlie Shaw (42-12 Av peg 14) both caught on corn. Top 5 anglers and weights:1: Kev ORR - All Seasons Angling Weight: 120-082: Matt HALL - All Seasons Angling Weight: 48-043: Charlie SHAW - Derby Fishermania Weight: 42-124: John Adamson - Kobra Feeders & LEVAS Weight: 35-005: Bob Gray - Oakham Weight: 27-04. .
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Location of match: Lake Two, Dynamite Makins FisheryDate of match: 30/08/12Number of pegs/anglers: 23Report:Once again there were fish caught all round Lake Two. John Adamson (Kobra Feeders & LEVAS) on peg B19 caught a couple of carp in the first 90 minutes on feeder before switching to pole to take skimmers, then a switch back to feeder for the remaining 90 minutes saw his catch a string of carp to end with 13 carp and 6 skimmers to make up 107-10 for a clear win. Chris Harrison (75-00) fished peg B2 and John Oldham (71-12) peg A6Top 5 anglers and weights:1: John ADAMSON - Kobra Feeders & LEVAS Weight: 107-102: Chris HARRISON - Baileys of Warwick Weight: 75-003: John OLDHAM - Makins Weight: 71-124: Dominic LANNI - Marukyu Weight: 65-085: Jason SHIRLEY - Baileys of Warwick Weight: 56-06. .
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Location of match: Upper Thames Radcot Clanfield RusheyDate of match: 02/09/2012Number of pegs/anglers: 104Report:26 Teams of 4 fished the Upper Thames between Radcot and Rushey. With 3 days of heavy rain the week before the match the river was carrying extra water this part of the Thames never seems to fish well in these conditions certainly with so few big fish showing these days. This match has a random draw for each section so when Drennan Red drew three end pegs they were going to be hard to beat and they did well only dropping 13 points for an easy win on 91 points and £600. 00 first prize.
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Mark Pollard and Derek Wilan cling on to lead. Early reports suggest that Mark Pollard and Derek Wilan have clung on to the lead going into the final day of the World Pairs Cup. Both weighed in respectable weights from where they drew, and with a 13 kilo lead from the previous day, many believe they have done enough to cling on to top spot. “The sections we are heading to on the last day aren’t great, and with the overall result being decided on weight we cant be sure what will happen, and the competition is still wide open” Mark commented.
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Day One ResultsThe results are in for the first day of the five day Lake and Inland Waterways World Pairs Competition. Carrying a prize fund in excess of £130K, the event is the biggest of its kind that has ever been staged. The first day brought good weights across the counties Monaghan, Cavan, Leitrim and Fermanagh. County ResultsCavan - Nick Seddon & Ken Seddon 28.
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Woodland View Fishery, 60 Fished. The below results are for the 2012 Royal Mail National, which took place at Woodland View Fishery on Sunday 9th September. A total of 15 teams fished, with four anglers in each team. The match took place on Back Deans, Front Deans, pegs 1 to 25 on Arles and half of High.
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Bristol Avon, Swinford to the Swing Bridge, 60 pegsThe river had dropped a fair bit from midweek but was still pushing through with a lot of colour. Odd bream and chub were caught throughout the match giving decent weights as 18 double figure catches were recorded. Nigel Evans of Preston Innovations Thatchers B won the match from the new fence area, peg 64. He lightly balled in groundbait down the middle at the start and then fished a feeder over the top of this.
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The Annual NSWCARC “Champs $1000 winner take all” match was held in Sydney recently here is the match report. . . Location of match: Sydney, AustraliaDate of match: 18/8/12 19/8/12Number of anglers: 16The Australian weather once again sent the 16 anglers in this year’s final a chilly reminder that winter had not left just yet despite the temps being well up all the previous week to the match.
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Trial League Off To Blazing Start. The first round of the Sensas River/Canal league got off to a cracking start, with plenty of fish being caught on both the River Soar, and the Loughbrough Canal. This years event is being run as a trial, meaning teams are welcome to join at any time, as there is no cash prizes being paid out to winning teams. Three anglers fish on each of the two venues, with the cumulative result being decided on section points.
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Big Trent bags prove fitting memorial to Nottinghamshire angler. Keith Fretwell was remembered in style last weekend, as his beloved River Trent threw up several big weights of fish. Coming out on top was Clowne rod Phil Turner, who weighed in a 52-9-0 net of bream to take victory. He fished a groundbait feeder with maggot and worm on the hook, casting one third of the way across the river.
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Dynamite Baits Makins FisheryPhase One, Lake Two, 19 Fished. Kobra Wednesday Open1 Sam Brown (Dynamite Makins) 176-062 John Adamson (Kobra Feeders) 130-043 Charlie Shaw (Derby Fishermania) 65-084 John Oldham (Makins) 60-045 Terry Phillips (Attleborough Sports) 40-8-0On a day of strong winds, sunny periods and showers, most of the 19 anglers fishing the Wednesday KOBRA Open on Lake Two (Dynamite Makins) struggled to put a weight together, the top two being exceptions. Sam Brown (Dynamite Makins) on peg A20 started on pellet waggler and caught smallish carp steadily from the start. In the latter stages he switched to pole along the margins with corn on the hook and landed several bigger samples to lift his weight to a winning 176-06.
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Perch and eels dominate in Shakespeare Veterans Championship. Nick Cowling seized victory in this years Shakespeare Veterans Championship, after he capitalised on a great first hour. The Alcester Sports backed rod started his match fishing just five metres from the bank, where he fed three small balls of groundbait laced with pinkies. A procession of chunky perch came to the net through the early stages of the match, before bites subsided and he decided to have a look on the feeder.
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Running line rules latest river contest. Steve Trivett won last Sundays open match on the Upper Trent at Shardlow, with an awesome 14-2-0 net. Drawn at Sherratts, Steve caught quality roach and perch on stick float tactics, feeding bronze maggots and fishing the same on the hook. It was a similar story for the runner up, Reg Whiston, who caught a 13-4-0 net from the Andressy section.
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Location of match: Thames & Avons, Dynamite MakinsDate of match: 16/08/12Number of pegs/anglers: 28Report:After telling the organiser to include Avon peg 3 as it is 'the hot peg', Sam Brown went on to draw in and comfortably win the match fishing maggot and pellet to the island and then in the margins. Top 5 anglers and weights:1: Sam Brown - Makins Weight: 91-022: Charlie SHAW - Derby Fishermnania Weight: 68-003: Baz SMITHSON - Gedli ng Tackle Weight: 62-124: Dave HICKEN - Disco Weight: 55-025: Lee WESTWOOD - Litchfield Weight: 54-10. . .
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River Avon in fine form as Evesham Festival approaches. Wednesday August 15thWychavon Championship QualifierEvesham Town & Ferry Waters67 Fished1 Clive Branson (Cardiff Nomads) 15-12-0 (peg 45)2 Andy Murphy (Shimano Wales) 12-8-0 (peg 17)3 Trevor Chalk 9-5-0 (peg 67)4 Dave Harris 8-14-0 (peg 7)5 Daniel Smith 8-1-0 (peg 40)QualifiersAndy MurphyClive BransonDave KirkWith a drop of extra water on the river, expectations were high for the last of the Wychavon Qualifiers of 2012. Coming out on top from peg 45 was Clive Branson, who found quality roach on hempseed fished down the middle of the river. The former Welsh International loosefed hemp on a long pole line, and fished a strung out rig over the top, with roach to 1lb coming to his net.