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Match Fishing Staff  |  Aug 30, 2016  |  0 comments
Alan Scotthorne bags his third Wychavon title, from the same peg he won the match from in 2012! Five Times World Champion Alan Scotthorne has won his fourth Wychavon Championship from the same peg he last won the event from back in 2012. He told Match Fishing: “When I stuck my hand in the draw bag, and came out with Peg 46 I couldn’t quite believe it. I actually drew this very same peg in this very same match back in 2012, when I won the Wycvhavon Championship with 23-7-0 of skimmers – which actually set a new festival record at the time. This record only lasted 24 hours, as it happened, as Martyn Howard set another festival record with 39-12-0 of barbel the following day! “For me, that Wychavon Final two years ago was all about catching skimmers, and I managed a lovely run of quality fish by running a bloodworm and a pinkie over a bed of groundbait and joker.
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Daiwa Dorking have added the 2016 Match Fishing Team Championship to their extensive list of achievements… Daiwa Dorking have won the Match Fishing Team Championship on the Warwickshire Avon at Evesham in emphatic style. Team stalwart, and England International Will Raison explained: “Young Bradley Gibbons did us a grand job at the draw this morning, and pulled us out a great set of pegs – which is always a big help in a match like this! “Fortunately, we have a brilliant set of anglers too, and although we talked things through in some detail it was very much a case of leaving our anglers to fish their pegs as they saw fit. “In the first two sections, Simon Willsmore put together a cracking net of roach from Peg 6 and Michael Buchwalder did well to scratch very good points from Peg 20. I had a lovely day’s waggler fishing on Peg 35 and managed a nice net of chub, and Lee Edwards and Darren Davies did really well in the bottom two sections – so fortunately what we did paid off.
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Angler's Name Weight (lbs/oz) Peg # / Lake Adam Playford (Dersingham AC) 208-09-00 29 (Beastie) Andrew Szczupak 170-11-00 24 (Beastie) Andy Bailey (Daiwa) 164-02-00 23 (Beastie) Andy Geldart (Garbolino) 147-14-00 8 (Oak) Ryan Lidgard 145-06-00 5 (Beastie) Kieron Rich (Middy / Burt Baits) 142-08-00 23 (Oak) Lee Thornton (Middy) 140-08-00 28 (Oak) Peter Upperton (Middy) 138-09-00 3 (Cedar) A near-sell out field produced one hundred and seventeen (117) anglers on this final Decoy Lakes qualifier. The standard of fishing was, once again, excellent with every single one of the top eight placed anglers on the day weighing in well over one hundred pounds. Making his way through to next month's Match This final was Adam Playford. The young Norfolk-based rod drew peg 29 on Beastie and fishing long and short pole with caster before looking down his edge late on to find quality carp to 10lbs for a massive 208-09-00 and a comfortable victory.
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Tunnel Barn Farm, Shrewley, 13th August 2016 Angler's Name Weight (lbs/oz) Peg # / Lake Stephen Openshaw (Lingmere Fishery) 224-00-00 6 (Jenny's) Richard Bond (Matrix Image) 206-13-00 12 (Canal) Marc Rodger 197-08-00 8 (Jenny's) Connor Barlow (Daiwa / Guru) 192-09-00 40 (New) Frankie Gianoncelli (Preston Innovations / Sonu Baits) 185-12-00 6 (Extension) Kieron Rich (Middy / Burt Baits) 181-12-00 11 (Jenny's) Jon Jowett (Preston Innovations) 166-12-00 2 (Canal) Steven Knowles 145-15-00 16 (Jenny's) A good turn-out at the ever-popular Tunnel Barn Farm saw one hundred and two (102) anglers attend this penultimate Match This qualifier. With just one more qualifier remaining, time is fast running out for those anglers hoping to book their place in this year's Grand final that have yet to do so. Conditions for this latest qualifier were warm and sunny with the resident carp and F1's responding well and feeding in numbers up in the water. As per previous year's events, the standard of fishing was exceptional with twelve of the thirteen sections being won with in excess of 100lbs! Claiming the last but one place in this year's Match This final was Stephen Openshaw.
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Angler's Name Weight (lbs/oz) Peg # / Lake Adam Richards (Browning) 198-13-00 26 (Meadow) Frankie Gianoncelli (Preston Innovations / Sonu Baits) 151-07-00 16 (Meadow) Matthew Dawes (Drennan North West) 150-02-00 21 (Meadow) Paul Blinkhorn 130-09-00 7 (Meadow) Dan Hull (Dynamite Baits) 130-08-00 23 (Bridge) James Howarth (Tri-cast Highfield) 122-14-00 10 (Meadow) Connor Barlow 119-01-00 42 (Meadow) Jordan Holloway 114-00-00 1 (Meadow) Ninety eight (98) anglers attended the second and final Mega Match This qualifier event at Heronbrook Fisheries of the 2016 campaign. Conditions on the day were ideal with temperatures remaining mild coupled with plenty of cloud cover. Fishing on the day was, as per usual, of a high standard with very little separating second place through to eighth place. It was Meadow that produced the majority of the top weights on the day with the winner, Adam Richards, leaving the rest of the field trailing in his wake.
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The MAM series of matches, organised by David Marshall, was started to enabled anglers of all levels to compete together. Ten qualifying matches have been fished around England with winners from the 5 peg sections earning a place in the final. The 2016 competition has been supported by some of the best UK anglers. 53 anglers fished the final at Tunnel Barn Farm on 23 July with a total prize pool of £2800 and a top prize of £1500.
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Denis White wins with barbel. In what must rank as one of the closest finishes of any match this season, just a single ounce separated the top two in this years Veterans' Championship, and 13oz came between first place and third. Making the match even more interesting was the fact that each of the anglers in the top five boasted a barbel in their net, the biggest belonging to match winner, and Barnsley Blacks legend, Denis White. Drawn on Peg 30, Denis based his match around catching roach on hempseed, but when his plan didn't materialise, he knew he had to have a look for a bonus fish in the later stages of the day.
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Big barbel sees Shakespeare ace in Evesham Final. Evesham’s resident barbel were in a very obliging mood for this the last of the normal Evesham Championship qualifying matches of the season. A total of four of the whiskery critters were hooked and landed, the best belonging to the eventual match winner, Tony Bench. Drawn on Peg 2 on the town water, Tony really struggled for the early part of the match, managing just a few small fish on feeder and waggler tactics.
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Holloway & Wilkinson to fish big-money championship The Matrix-sponsored Evesham Junior and Intermediate Championship took place last weekend, with the winner of each match booking themselves a place in the big-money Evesham Championship final, taking place on the Saturday of the Evesham Festival weekend. Junior match winner Jordan caught a bream on flatfloat tactics, and several roach, perch and skimmers for a 9-13-0 total from Peg 1. Runner-up, Natalie Aylett fished maggot feeder from Peg 6, to finish with a 5-1-0 net of perch and eels. Third placed George Organ also caught perch and eels, though he found pole tactics to work best on the day.
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Matrix Dynamite Trentmen win Match Fishing team qualifier. Matrix Dynamite Trentmen have won this weekend's Match Fishing Team Championship qualifier, on the Warwickshire Avon at Evesham. After a tense weigh-in, Matrix Dynamite Trentmen, pipped the fancied Kamasan Starlets team by a single point to take victory. The team, made up of Ant King, Greg Cooper, Tom Potter, Ricky Marshall and Matt Parkin, finished with 50 points from a possible 65.
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Hemp roach secure victory for Maver Bait-Tech man. A succession of heavy storms around the Vale Of Evesham put a touch of extra colour and pace on the Warwickshire Avon for this Wychavon Championship qualifier, and it certainly seemed to turn the fish on to feed!Top rod on the day was Maver Bait-Tech ace, Rich Reynolds, who banked a succession of quality roach on pole-fished hemp and tares, to finish with 14-8-0 from Peg 36. In second place from Peg 2 was local youngster Bradley Proctor, who caught a good bream on flatfloat over groundbait, and a host of big hybrids on hemp to finish with 14-4-0. Third place was taken by Middy backed ace, Joe Oakes.
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Foul hooked barbel brings big match glory. For the first time this season, one of the River Avon’s legendary barbel accounted for most of the winning weight in an Evesham Festival qualifying match, as former Festival Champion Rob South banked an 8lb beast from peg 43. Fishing flatfloat and chopped worm tactics on the pole, Rob did well to land the fish, which he foul hooked in the fork of the tail! In addition to the barbel, the Birmingham rod had six good eels, also on flatfloat tactics for a final total weight of 12-1-0. Runner up was Leicester based rod, Pete Jayes, who caught on his favoured hemp tactics from peg 15 on the Crown Meadow.
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Local aces take comfortable qualifier victory. Twelve teams of five booked on the first of this season’s team qualifying matches for the Match Fishing Team Championship Final. In a break from past tradition, this year not one but three teams from each of the qualifying matches progress through to join the eight invited teams in the final. Finishing top on the day were local experts Shakespeare, who fielded a squad made up of Spig Pawlowski, Tony Bench, Steve Williams, Brian Rigby and Tony Davis.
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Hempseed does the business for river ace. Avon master Steve Ashmore did the business from an unfancied peg in this 80-peg Evesham Championship qualifier, winning the day with an 8-2-0 net. Drawn on Peg 76 in the field below the Ferry meadow, Steve caught a good net of small roach fishing hempseed between 13 metres and 14. 5 metres out on the pole.
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Maver Bait-Tech man takes victory at Evesham. Overnight rain meant an attractive tinge of colour stayed in the Warwickshire Avon for the second of the weekend qualifiers. Winner on the day was Maver Bait-Tech ace, Richie Reynolds. Richie drew Peg 43 just above the White House Bend, and took two good bream on groundbait feeder tactics in the early part of the day.