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Shakespeare Superteam's Leigh Gardner storms to victory in the Abu Garcia Wychavon qualifier thanks to a last-gasp Hampton Ferry tench. Hampton Ferry, Evesham | August 13 | 69 FishedIt was a case of making the last fish count for Shakespeare Superteam stalwart Leigh Gardner, who took a 3lb tench in the dying stages of the match to clench victory. Drawn on peg 57, Leigh started his match fishing a whip for gudgeon, an approach that has seen him frame numerous times over recent weeks. After two hours and with a couple of pounds in the net, things went quiet, which prompted Leigh to move onto his long pole bloodworm line.
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Airsprung AA Open resultLocation of match: Bristol Avon Barton Farm Date of match: 1/7/12Number of pegs/anglers: 16Report:The Bristol Avon had fined down nicely following the previous weeks floods but was still carrying a touch of pace. The expected bagging session just did not happen. Most of the action was on the first 3 pegs by the rowing club, and coming out on top on peg 2 was Garbolino Blackmore Vale’s Richie Tomala. Richie fished the pole at 13 with a 3 gram rig over groundbait and caster.
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Angel Lakes report and results from 29/6/11 to 3/7/11. . . Sunday 3rd July 2011 Open & League LookoutConditions: Sunny, ambient temp 21 deg, wind W 4mph, barometer 1015.
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Weekend and midweek match results from Angel Lakes. Sunday 23rd Oct 2011 open/league LookoutConditions: - Partly Cloudy, ambient temp 11 deg, humidity 83%, wind S15mph, barometer 1001. 1 mb, moon phase waning crescent, DO 7. 6, Water temp 7.
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Results from fishery's open competition Sunday March 11th 2012 Angel via Woodlands Angling Times Clubman Conditions:- Fair , ambient temp 13 deg, humidity 73%, Wind W 14mph gusts to 18 then dropping to 8 mph, barometer 1034. 5mb, moon phase waning gibbous, water temp 7. 1 deg, ph 7. 65, DO 11.
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Results of fishery open competitions Sunday 25th March 2012 league/openConditions:- Fog then sunny, ambient temp 15, humidity 93%, wind calm then SSW3 mph, moon phase waxing crescent, DO 13, Water temp 9. 4 deg, PH 7. 99, mv 631st Dave Jackson 49lb 03oz peg 16aa2nd D Cain 49lb peg 293rd Dave Pearson 44lb 9oz peg 3 Section 1 Ricky Bennett 37lb 15oz peg 38Section 2 Lewis Mc Intosh 26lb 08oz peg 16 Section 3 Eddie Collins 29lb 10oz peg 6Section 4 Glen Metcalf 26lb 5oz peg 23 Sat 24th March 2012 Roff Lookout Conditions, heavy fog, then sunny, ambient temp 14 deg, wind SE8, barometer 1028. 9 mb, moon phase waxing crescent, water temp 9.
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A week for big silver weights as they dominate two of the three open matches. Angel of the North OpenSunday Sept 25 Lookout Lake
 Conditions: Partly Cloudy, ambient temp 17 deg, wind SSW 14 mph, barometer 1007. 6mb, moon phase waning crescent, water temp 10. 1 deg, Ph 7.
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Open competitions results for week ending November 18. Sunday Nov 20 open LookoutConditions. Heavy overnight frost, sunny then thick fog, ambient temp 8 deg, wind S 6 mph, barometer 1015. 9 mb, moon phase waning crescent, water temp 6.
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Sunday saw the final round of the Angling Direct/Big Fish Essex Summer League being contested on the River Chelmer at Hoe Mill and Paper Mills. River Chelmer - Paper Mills & Hoe Mill | 18/09/2011 | Number of pegs: 50Browning Wickford Y tied with JP Tackle A on the day with 35 points each. JP Tackle's Andy Stebbings winning the round from Hoe Mill with 12-11-0 of Hemp caught Roach, with Browning Wickford's Tim Bruce taking second with 8-15-8 of punch and bloodworm roach at Paper Mills. With four wins out of five rounds Browning Wickford Y took the league title with 195 points, second was Browning Wickford X with 174 points and JP Tackle A third with 147.
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Team Daiwa top at the Glebe. Seventy-two anglers fished in not the kindest of conditions in this years Angling Trust Masters, with little wind on many of the lakes making the resident fish more difficult to catch. This top class field still managed some exceptional weights however, with 30 anglers weighing in more than 100lbs each. Top individual on the day was Match Fishing Magazine's Joe Carass fishing for Press Pack with a magnificent weight of 198lbs 14 oz.
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Angling Trust Southern Semi Practice match result. . . Kennet and Avon Canal at Great Bedwyn | Number of anglers: 684/03/2012Report:An Inch of cold overnight rain, plus more of the same mixed with snow during the match meant the weights were down from what would be normally expected for the first Angling Trust southern semi final practice match on the Kennet and Avon canal in and around the Wiltshire village of Great Bedwyn.
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Angling Trust Southern Semi Practice match report Kennet and Avon Canal at Great Bedwyn | 18/03/12 Number of pegs/anglers: 9 Report: 90 Anglers fished the 2nd and Final Angling Trust Southern Semi final practice match on the Kennet and Avon Canal at Great Bedwyn. With milder temperatures in the proceeding week this fish were in a feeding mood and they were treated to a fine match with 15 double figure weights and the top 4 all weighing more than 20lb! Skimmers and Big perch made up all the top weights, but the top 8 anglers were all on end pegs! Coming out on top was Daiwa Dorking’s Welsh International Lee Edwards, who was on peg C10 on the beeches stretch, Lee had a steady first three hours and was admitting to 4lb. But with 2 hours to go the skimmers moved into his peg and he put together another 35lb in that time on Red maggot, caster and worm hookbaits. To total a splendid 39lb 5oz.
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This was the first round of 10 matches to be held over the year and the competitors were met with cold and wet conditions and a clear canal. This was reflected in the results with end pegs taking all the places. K&A Canal, Bishops Canning | 19/10/11Number of pegs/anglers: 35 Mike Poolman (HQLF) was the best on the day with a 3. 820kg mixed bag taken on maggot and caster over groundbait on the end peg of 'A' section and the match length.
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The winner Gaz Boydell, picked up some small roach on pinkie over groundbait before latching into a tench after only 30 minutes, this allowed him to target bigger fish on worm for the remainder of the match. Old Nene, March| 26/10/11Number of pegs/anglers: 22 Spaff Spaford and Dave Burns were able to find a better stamp of roach on hemp and left the chasing pack behind who all fought it out with small roach over groundbait and pinkie or maggot. The top team on the day was 5 Trg Regt RLC with 4 pts and then the EOD on 8pts and a tied third between the Engineers and 49 (E) Bde both on 12 pts Top 4 anglers and weights:1: Gaz Boydell Weight: 4. 080kg2: Spaff Spafford Weight: 2.
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The latest Army Angling Federation report. . . Johns Lake, Willinghurst Fishery | 23/11/11Number of pegs: 23Conditions were against the Anglers of AAF group 1 on their 4th qualifier of the year, a cold snap overnight had shrouded Johns Lake at Willinghurst in fog and this stopped the hoped for skimmers from feeding for most of the match.