Octbox Outrigger System

The Outrigger system is an incredible innovation for seatboxes. Why? Because it removes the need to use platforms when wading.

But what is the outrigger, exactly? It’s a long bar that fits into the front legs; two longer legs are then attached to the outrigger and the legs are then used as normal.

The outrigger widens the footplate of the seatbox and spreads the load to create a super-stable fishing station. It’s an interesting accessory and I must admit I didn’t really ‘get’ it when I first saw it.

When Tom Scholey was at the helm of this magazine, he decided to change to an Octbox and one day while we were sat in the office the Outrigger turned up. We weren’t sure what it was for, but a quick call to Rick Tyler from Octbox and a brief look at an instructional video and we got it.

Essentially the way to look at the system is that the frame is your platform and the drawer modules are your seatbox. As we have said before, the frame is incredibly stable anyway, but add the Outrigger and you have incredible stability thanks to that wide footprint.

It’s simple to fit, too. The front legs on the footplate are double-extending; pop out the extension and simply slot the outrigger into the legs. You then add the outrigger’s long legs to the outrigger bar and away you go.

Initially it looks a bit much. But when you think about carrying a platform and a wheelbarrow like you would with other setups, then the Octbox is actually a compact system for wading. Especially as the box itself doubles up as a superb barrow.

One final addition is a new Outrigger Bag. This heavy-duty bag will take the outrigger bar and the longer legs that are used with it and store them in a tidy manner.

It’s hard not to be impressed with the Outrigger bar; it’s a simple way to make your Octbox the ultimate wading station. It’s no wonder why we are seeing so many of them out on the bank.

RRP: £122.00
WEBSITE: www.octbox.co.uk