Daiwa Spectron Commercial Ultra Feeder Rods

When Daiwa releases a new rod range you know it’s going to be exciting, and the distinctive new Spectron rods designed specifically for commercial work don’t disappoint. 

On today’s high catch rate commercial venues, a softer rod action with power, for closer range work and often playing bigger fish is the requirement. This is where the Spectron Commercial Ultra range comes in. These aren’t rods for blasting feeders to the horizon, but rather are for more intimate work where long chucks aren’t needed but accuracy in casting and power in playing fish to the net without hook-pulls certainly is.With all of the rods short in length – 8ft, 9ft, 10ft and 11ft – but big on tech, Daiwa has utilised HVF nanoplus with slim blank profiles to deliver softer, strong rods for targeted tactics. Because of the significant curvature designed into each rod, the flex and strength of the V-Joint Alpha also shines through – these rods bend, but in a controlled way with power. This range of lengths covers you for all your commercial water bomb and feeder work, from short casts with small Method feeders on snake lakes to bomb and feeder fishing on larger, more open pools with bigger Method or hybrid feeders where accuracy in hitting the spot every time is more crucial than distance.

All models also feature a very distinctive handle design, each of which is tailored in length to suit the rod while the exclusive Daiwa Air Sensor reel seat offers a down locking fore grip and enhanced contours for comfortable handling and feel. The entire handle features hard wearing EVA – there’s no cork to see here – including the original Armlock feature, now such a recognisable part of Daiwa rods. The light framed SeaGuide TDG eyes further enhance the feel and responsiveness of the rods. The bomb and feeder models are furnished with Megatop QTs, including big guide BG versions and 1.5 and 2.0oz tips. All of the rods are two piece with recommended lines of between 3 to 8lb.

• HVF nanoplus
• V-Joint Alpha
• SeaGuide TDG guides
• Exclusive Daiwa Air Sensor reel seat 
• Slim profile, softer actions
• Hard EVA handle with Armlock 
• Megatop QTs (on Q models)
• Hook keeper

Length     Casting Weight     Quivers                    RRP
8ft             30g                         1oz, 1.5ozBG            £194.99
9ft             30g                         1oz, 1.5ozBG            £204.99
10ft           40g                         1oz, 1.5ozBG            £214.99
11ft           50g                         1.5ozBG, 2ozBG       £229.99

Daiwa consultant Tom Edwards was one of the first anglers to get his hands on these new rods. What did he think of them?

“My first reaction when using the Spectron feeder rods? Absolutely brilliant for short range feeder fishing with a soft action that’s great for 2 to 5lb carp. Also they have plenty of backbone to punch the feeder out and are very accurate. A great all-round commercial feeder rod."

WEBSITE: www.daiwasports.co.uk