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Vetting anglers leads to massive turnouts at northern water. In an era where match attendances at many of our commercial fisheries are dwindling, The Oaks Lakes at Sessay seems to be booking the trend- thanks to a new series of matches aimed at club anglers. In addition to the usual open matches, the venue is now hosting a separate series of matches aimed purely at club anglers. With turnouts of between 70 and 80, the series is proving extremely popular.
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Dates Confirmed For Sensas Pairs League. Dates have been announced for the Sensas Pairs League. Starting just after Christmas, the popular series attracted 56 anglers last year. This year, numbers are expected to increase still further, with dates being arranged so as not to clash with the Thorne Pairs Competition.
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Close fought battle in Soar Valley Winter LeagueAny angler who thought that the days of close fought team competitions are dead, should check out the latest result of the Soar Valley Winter League- where Matrix Dynamite Trentmen and the newly entered Leicester Sensas are having an extremely tight fought battle. After taking an early lead in the first round, defending champions Trentmen were sitting pretty at the top of the league. The second round saw a dramatic change however, as Leicester made the most of a brilliant draw to win the round with 27pts- and more importantly open up a 14 point lead over Trentmen in the overall league stakes. The third round saw Leicester further their lead, though it was a much closer result, with a moody river seeing both teams yielding some poor section scores.
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Organisers concern for popular canal series. The Stainforth and Keadby Canal at Thorne has been one of the UK’s most prolific winter venues over recent years- yet this year attendances look set to plummet. Organiser, Mark Silman has had just 15 anglers book on the pre Christmas Individual league, four teams of four on the Al Bailey memorial, and just four pairs on the Thorne Pairs- that has sold out at 100 anglers for the last three years. He told Angling News Week “I am really concerned at how little interest the matches seem to have attracted this year, especially when you consider how good the fishing is.
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Sean Ashby’s 30lb carp, and Andy Kinder’s winter margin secrets inside…In the news this week, we have loads of specimen fish captures, with massive salmon, carp, cod and perch gracing anglers’ nets. Of all the above, the salmon must rank as the most impressive – a cock fish estimated at between 35lb and 50lb from the River Tweed on the Scottish border! We have the incredible story inside, straight from the ghillie’s mouth…Also, match fishing World Champion Sean Ashby had a session to remember on the first day of the recent Sensas Challenge Final, after banking a 30lb carp – on light silver-fish tackle – and we have news of a German carp angler who has been taking some startling catches on a new bait. On top of this, there is the tale of the night fisherman who was ravaged by a fox, and the tackle company that sold out of an entire range of flagship poles just two weeks after their launch!Plus we have a host of other great features, including an instructional video from top matchman Andy Kinder on how to bag up down the edge in the cold!We also have match tackle under the spotlight, and Darren Cox bream fishing at Coombe Abbey. Click here to pick up your copy today!.
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Pole Fishing Editor to donate this month's match winnings to charity. In his latest blog, Pole Fishing’s Editor ponders the importance of money in match fishing. It is a topic hot on the lips of many anglers at the moment, given the current trend towards qualifying matches and big-money finals. He ends the piece by promising to donate all his monthly winnings to Movember - the charity set up to raise money for testicular and prostate cancer causes.
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Big turnouts expected in new match series. Hayfield Lakes has long been known for it’s fantastic carp fishing, but it is the quality of the silver fish fishing that is setting tongues wagging in the angling world. Preston ace, Lee Kerry recently shot a feature at the venue, and commented: "The fishing really is unbelievably good, anglers have the option to target carp or silver fish depending on how the venue is fishing. I caught well over 40lb of silverfish on bloodworm and joker the other day, in a catch that included crucians, perch, skimmers and some clonking roach.
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Marlow Wins Fourth Soar Championship. They say that consistency is the mark of a good match angler- which must make Roger Marlow the undisputed king of his local River Soar, as he has won no fewer than four Soar Championships, and three in the last three years!He is, in fact believed to be the only person ever to have won three river championships in consecutive years. The England Veteran Star told Angling News Week: “I have always loved the River Soar- it is my local river, and I have been fishing it for years- so to add a fourth Soar Championship title to my CV is an unbelievable feeling. ”Roger’s latest result came after a tough match on the Sutton Bonington stretch of river, when he recorded just 2kg 550g to take the win.
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Garbolino ace makes young anglers day. Garbolino and Bait Tech backed match ace, Steve Tucker made one young anglers day at a recent match- by giving him the rod that he had won as a prize in the competition! The young anglers family were so touched by the former Fish O Mania Finalists generosity, that they wrote to Match Fishing Magazine singing his praises. Mum, Trudie Howard explained: “My fiancee and son recently fished a weekend of matches at Revels Fishery in Dorset. The event was to celebrate the venues 25th birthday and was to be my son, thirteen year old Brenden’s first match.
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Latest issue on sale now! The latest issue of Angling News Week is now available, and packed full of interesting stories! It has been a very good week for England- with our fly fishing team winning the Bank Challenge Home International, and Tommy Pickering showing the Italians the way home in a match fishing exhibition. We also have the exclusive story of England Veterans star Roger Marlow- who has won the Soar Championship for the third consecutive time. From the specimen world, there is news of a massive 8lb 12oz chub from the River Lee, and two new barbel river records!Carp giant Korda have announced the release of a new Underwater Carp DVD- and we tell you how you could win tickets to attend a premier viewing with the stars at an Essex cinema. We bring news of the latest range of poles from Maver, and a multi million pound tackle business that has just hit the market.
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Bait-Tech is delighted to welcome three new faces to theirteam of consultants. With the ever-evolving trends on the UK Commercial Match scene, we feel it is vital to keep on top of this to continue the development of cutting edge bait products to bring to market and stay at the forefront of the industry. The latest recruits will help them with the most modern commercial fishery methods and techniques offering a stream of advice we feel is invaluable to us in terms of future products – The domination of F1 orientated fisheries requires a specialised approach and these anglers are synonymous with being at the top of their game when it comes to the species. Joining Bait-Tech are: Shaun Little – The Matrix Brand Manager has for long been at the top of the sport and F1 filled venues are where he spends most of his time on the bank.
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Following Saturday’s Mega Match This qualifier event at Monk Lakes, Kent, please note below the full and final result: Monk Lakes, Kent, 8th July 2017 Angler's Name Weight (lbs/oz) Peg # / Lake Mike McMillan (Garbolino / Bait-Tech) 198-06-00 65 (Lake 2) Adam Southgate (Oakwood) 196-04-00 55 (Lake 2) James Taylor (Harlow Angling) 189-13-00 66 (Lake 2) Mark Tullet (Cresta Tackle / Bag 'Em Baits) 183-10-00 113 (Lake 3) Robbie Taylor (Guru / Dynamite Baits) 173-02-00 91 (Lake 3) Mark Goddard (Bag 'Em Baits) 150-02-00 135 (Lake 3) Mark Brown (Browning Wickford) 141-02-00 56 (Lake 2) Chris Vendervleit (Drennan / Bait-Tech) 136-14-00 58 (Lake 2) Garbolino's Mike McMillan booked his place in another Mega Match This final after topping the fifty-nine (59) strong field at Kent's Monk Lakes. Conditions on the day were hot and sticky with very little wind offering any sort of comfort. Anglers were given plenty of room, which made for a superb qualifier with very little separating the top two on the day and numerous one hundred pound plus catches being recorded from all three of the lakes used. Mike drew peg 67 on Lake 2 and endured a bit of an unsettled start losing fish early on before getting into his rhythm offering pellet long at 16m.
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Angler's Name Weight (lbs/oz) Peg # / Lake Zac Brown (Preston Innovations / Sonu Baits) 194-00-00 4 (Copse) Les Wetton (Mosella UK) 167-08-00 8C (Pathfield) Craig Goldstraw (Middy / Bag 'Em Baits) 156-12-00 1 (Woods) Ben Townsend (Matrix / Spotted Fin) 151-08-00 40 (Woods) Reece Hearn (Matrix Image / Bag 'Em Baits) 150-12-00 28 (Pathfield) Ross Harold 136-00-00 33 (Woods) Richard Bond (Matrix Image) 126-08-00 20 (Woods) Jon Whincup (Frenzee) 117-08-00 26 (Pathfield) The final Southern qualifier of the 2017 Maver Mega Match This campaign marked a return to Coleman's Cottage in Essex where fifty four (54) anglers lined the banks of Copse, Pathfield and Woods lakes. Anglers were given plenty of room on the day with the standard of sport and weights recorded being very good. Competing anglers needed in excess of 150lbs in order to grab a British Pole Championship qualification place. Conditions on the day were ideal with plenty of cloud cover coupled with a good breeze producing fourteen weights over 100lbs.
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"Well. . . things have finally started to sink in after this Saturday's crazy events! sitting here, writing about winning a 3rd Fisho title is something I could never have imagined.
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Angler's Name Weight (lbs/oz) Peg # / Lake Steve Rothery 140-14-00 32 (Moat Island) Ben Dales 114-01-00 29 (Moat Island) Ben Fisk (Bauer Media) 109-02-00 1 (Bridge Island) Ryan Laycock (Pontefract) 106-04-00 20 (Canal) Adam Richards (Browning) 99-03-00 28 (Reed) Adrian Higginbottom (Matrix) 97-04-00 61 (Moat Island) Matt Godfrey (Guru) 90-01-00 35 (Moat Outer) James Hall 81-00-00 17 (Moat Island) British Pole Championship Qualifiers: Steve Rothery, Ben Dales & Ben Fisk One hundred and ten (110) anglers attended this latest qualifier at Retford's Hallcroft Fishery. Despite conditions appearing ideal with plenty of cloud cover and with a slight ripple on the water, most anglers found the going tough early on in the match with the heavy, muggy atmosphere hampering what would have otherwise been an ideal day. That said, as the day progressed, the conditions improved a little with the resident carp moving into the margins during the final ninety minutes. Winner on the day, and next to book his place on this year's big money final, was Steve Rothery.