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Match Fishing Staff  |  Apr 04, 2013  |  0 comments
The Man Who Could End Your Career!Allow me to introduce myself. My name is the Terminator, and over coming months I hope to offer an alternative view of the thieves, villains and ne’er do wells that inhabit the modern match fishing world. Let me start by running through the team who have commissioned me to write these pieces. They are, quite simply, the kind of people that others emigrate to avoid.
Match Fishing Staff  |  Mar 18, 2013  |  0 comments
Guest blogger, Dale Calvert, recollects a recent practice session at his local Wrightington Fisheries. A lovely clear but frosty, cold morning up here in the North West. A much desired session in cold water for skimmers has been on the cards for a few weeks so I decided to pack the van up full of my gear and head off the Wrightington to give the canals a work out. Upon arriving I can see ice has formed on some of pegs.
Match Fishing Staff  |  Mar 09, 2013  |  0 comments
Match Fishing and Pole Fishing Group Editor, Jon Arthur, picks his England Float and Feeder teams. It doesn't matter if it's football, cricket or tiddlywinks, everyone has an opinion when it comes to picking a team to represent your nation. After all, slagging people off and praising others is almost a National obsession! Picking a World Championship squad of anglers that are fit to represent England is no different. Obviously, the manager has the last say and probably knows a whole lot more than you or I but, for what it's worth, here are my seven-man squads for both the Float and Feeder teams.
Match Fishing Staff  |  Feb 27, 2013  |  0 comments
Joe Carass looks back on the recent success of the Match Fishing Drawbags! It has been a few weeks since my last blog but a load of stuff, good and bad has happened. First of all though I must tell you about the last two rounds of the Tunnel Barn Winter League. As you may know with two rounds to go we had overtook Barston and claimed top spot. Points were hard fought though and even though we had opened up a bit of a lead we could take nothing for granted.
Match Fishing Staff  |  Feb 06, 2013  |  0 comments
Our new blogger Nick Speed has been in great form lately but just how did he do this week? Saturday 2/2/13. Lindholme Lakes, Bonsai, 25 pegs. Well yet another windy day at “Windholme”, and to make it worse I drew Peg 9 on the narrow bank, this is a good draw but the wind was going to make this a difficult day. Especially when I need to fish 15 metres tight against the island for F1s and Mirrors, if I want to stand a chance of extracting enough weight to frame.
Match Fishing Staff  |  Feb 05, 2013  |  0 comments
Franke Gianoncelli argues that commercial fisheries hold the furture for match fishing. I have had a lot of friends that have started fishing, only to stop after a few weeks and completely forget about it. Does fishing have enough appeal about it to compete with technology like game consoles or the internet for example?I fear this is happening right now to thousands of young potential match anglers and with the distractions like Facebook, x-box and playsations - match fishing will suffer as a result. The only thing that I can think of that will save match fishing in the future is commercial fisheries, and in particular big money events like Fishomania and the Maver 'Match This'.
Match Fishing Staff  |  Feb 04, 2013  |  0 comments
Joe Carass was staring down the barrel at the weekend but a blinding last hour saw him come good! The matches are coming thick and fast at the moment thanks to the arctic weather that put paid to the planned Winter League schedule. However it does mean more fishing which is certainly not a bad thing! Once again it was to be another round of the Winter League at Tunnel Barn. Regular readers of my blog will know that last week our Match Fishing Drawbags team took the lead in this extremely difficult league. So this week was all about keeping in front! Jon Arthur was yet again in charge of the draw but this week his drawing arm wasn’t quite so good.
Match Fishing Staff  |  Feb 01, 2013  |  0 comments
Joe Carass ponders over which flagship pole really is the best available! Search any Internet forum and there will, in no doubt, be a which pole is best type thread. This particular subject divides opinion like no other. Anglers seem obsessed with defending their pole choices even if it is clearly not the best. So luckily for you, we have planned for a coming issue an in depth ‘warts and all’ test on all of the flagship poles around.
Match Fishing Staff  |  Feb 01, 2013  |  0 comments
Tom Scholey on why Alex Bones is wrong to say modern match methods require a similar amount of skill. I love a good debate – and Alex’s response to my last blog has certainly got the old grey matter whirring! As he rightly says, we are good friends – and I have a lot of respect for his opinion. That said, I believe his argument that all modern match methods require a similar amount of skill to execute is misguided and wrong. In my mind, there is far more skill to, for example, catching a net of roach on bloodworm, or on the stickfloat, waggler or bolo than a net of commercial carp on the Method feeder.
Match Fishing Staff  |  Jan 31, 2013  |  0 comments
Without wishing to get enthralled in a tit-for-tat battle, Tom Scholey’s blog reply to my editorial in February’s edition of Match Fishing entitled ‘The Pursuit Of Perfection’ needs addressing. In brief my editorial was about anglers putting methods and species on a pedestal and, more to the point, anglers suggesting that certain tactics required more skill than others to execute. Tom disagreed with my comments – he’s entitled to his opinion no less – but I couldn’t let it lie without a suitable retort. In particular he strikes out at Method feeder fishing and, by his own admission, it’s something he “could be a lot better at”.
Match Fishing Staff  |  Jan 29, 2013  |  0 comments
Rob decides to go back to the venue known as roach heaven! After my last visit I was really looking forward to this match on the Welland in Spalding town centre - I had won the last match with 35lb, my best all roach catch from a natural venue. My mood was soon dampened though as Tim, my partner for the day, handed me my peg, the areas leading out of the town centre hadn’t been competing with the rest of the match length in previous weeks and after a week of frosts, snow and then a big thaw it was likely that the fish would be shoaling up even tighter. I reckoned that a draw between pegs 10 and 25 would probably give a good days sport as this area is around a couple of bridges where as my home for the day, peg 34, was on a straight almost as far away from a bridge as possible on this stretch! There was no way I could go to my peg downhearted though - me and Tim are right up there in the pairs league and with Tim drawn in a favourable area I would need to do my best just to keep us ticking over in a league that is decided overall on weight. On arriving to my peg my spirits lifted a little, I had a lot of room to my left, probably around 60 yards until the next angler (Westy), I’m told this area had been left out as it’s much shallower than the rest of the stretch and as a result not very productive, nevertheless any extra room has got to be worth a few fish.
Match Fishing Staff  |  Jan 29, 2013  |  0 comments
Are some methods more skillful than others? Tom Scholey thinks so!I read with interest Alex Bones’s Editorial in the latest issue of Match Fishing. I have really been enjoying his pieces over the last few months, as he has spoken his mind on a number of issues - and up to now I have agreed with his points wholeheartedly. In this months magazine, he raises an interesting topic- arguing that it is not fair to put certain methods on a pedestal, and suggesting that they all require a similar amount of skill to be proficient at. Based on my own experiences, I couldn’t disagree more.
Match Fishing Staff  |  Jan 28, 2013  |  0 comments
Joe Carass has been back to do battle in the Tunnel Barn Farm Winter League with a hint of success too! The Tunnel Barn Farm winter league is now fast approaching its climax and with four rounds to go it was all to play for. In the last round we managed to whittle away at Barston’s lead and had reduced it to just five points. We were all looking forward to round seven but sadly the arctic conditions put paid to that and the match was cancelled. Nevertheless the following week the snow had melted and it was game on! However what hadn’t melted was the ice and every one of us was going to have the lovely task of creating some ice holes.
Match Fishing Staff  |  Jan 08, 2013  |  0 comments
It has certainly been an interesting week for Joe, with mice and more than a few F1s occupying his time! It has been a great week for our Match Fishing Drawbags team at Tunnel Barn Farm, but more of that later. I hope you have had a great Christmas break, I know I certainly did. Every year I use the two weeks to have my own ‘Closed Season’, which gives me a bit of time just to recharge my batteries and catch up with the family, which is always nice. However the prolonged period of inactivity has seen a few unwelcome visitors enter my shed! At first the problem wasn’t bad at all, the odd loose pellet hastily chewed by the cute little Mickey but as soon as my gear got damaged it was time to turn up the heat! Before I went away for Xmas I noticed that my cool bag had been left unzipped.
Match Fishing Staff  |  Jan 03, 2013  |  0 comments
Rob Wootton returns to the venue that can only be described as roach soup! After a really successful feature for Pole Fishing a couple of weeks ago I decided to book into the pairs league on the river Welland that runs through the town centre of Spalding. This place becomes rammed with roach all through the winter and it’s been somewhere that I’ve ignored in the past but after loads of good reports I just had to give it a go and several others from my neck of the woods agreed. Last sunday five or six anglers from Leicester including my travelling partner Sam Merry were mingling at the draw, asking about the form of the venue and catching up with mates that only get senn once or twice a year. All the talk was of how coloured the venue was, me and Sam had a quick look before the draw and although the sun was still firmly below the horizon we could tell that there was plenty of extra water on the venue.