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Match Fishing Staff  |  Aug 07, 2012  |  0 comments
Middy backed Andy Quarmby has been winning a lot of matches lately and it’s all thanks to making good decisions! Recent matches have highlighted one thing to me, making a key decision in a match is the difference between winning and being an also ran. Yes I know this may sound obvious but my recent encounters at Pans Hill highlight this quite well I think
Pans Hill Sunday match 29th July (Pans Lake)

Pans lake, for those who have never been, is a typical 14m wide snake with typical depths. It has a large head of mirrors and commons 1-3lb and F1s 6oz-2lb. Typical winning match weights in summer are usually between 80-130lb with plenty of bites to be had.
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Open a paper, put on the T. V or radio it’s the hot topic in the country right now. Craig Butterfield has his say. .
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Joe Carass Recounts the recent second round of the UK Champs, could he capitalise on a good first round?Following the good start that I made to the UK Champs I was understandably quite excited at the prospect of the second round. It was to be held at Viaduct Fishery, which is somewhere that I have only fished once and that was for a feature in the middle of winter. Luckily though my job puts me in contact with most of the big names in the sport. I didn’t want to go the venue un prepared so several calls were made.
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Match Fishing’s Joe Carass talks about the first round of the prestigious UK Champs!This year has seen me enter the UK Champs for the first time in my angling career. It has been an event that I have long admired but until this year have never really had the time to fish it. My angling has changed somewhat in the last 12 months and I needed something to really get my teeth stuck into and this seemed to be the perfect competition to get involved in. The first round was to be at the fantastic Lindholme Lakes nr Doncaster.
Match Fishing Staff  |  May 31, 2012  |  0 comments
Harry Billing ended with a good result in the White Acres Garbolino Spring Classic. Here’s how he got on… I was really looking forward to the Garbolino Spring Classic at brilliant White Acres. It is smaller in numbers than the usual festivals, but still full of very good anglers and I would need to get my drawing arm going this week! I was also hoping to continue the Garbolino-sponsored anglers domination of the recent festivals, with Grant Albutt, Andy Geldart and Darren Cox all winning the three major Spring festivals! DAY 1 – TREWATERS 26 Really fancied this peg but it was windless and really struggled for 19lb. I couldn’t make anything work, all the fish seemed to be to my right which was where the wind was blowing.
Match Fishing Staff  |  May 11, 2012  |  0 comments
Stan Piecha reflects on the opening round of the Drennan KO Cup. Clint Eastwood portraying Dirty Harry in the cult movie Magnum Force tells his boss: “A good man always has to know his limitations. ” Those words were going through my mind after fishing the opening round of the Drennan KO Cup. The arena for this splendid event was Woodlands View near Droitwich, Worcs, a venue I last fished around 15 years ago.
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Top northern angler and Maver backed Matt Pillay reflects on the recent Maver Classic Final at the fantastic Maver Larford Lakes. Well it's that time of year again for the Maver classic final. it's a prestigious event which I've really enjoyed over the years as Larford is a terrific venue and when you get some of the country's top anglers attending it makes for a very special event. After a 3-hour drive (I might as well live on the moon) I got to the draw and managed to catch up with my old pals and patiently wait to draw which I don't mind admitting always gives me butterflies but I love it! The old hairy palm goes in the bucket and I pulled Peg 76 on Speci which is a good area that always holds lots of skimmers and plenty of carp so after a few reconnaissance conversations it came to light my peg had been second on the lake the day before with 36 kilos of carp on the method at 45 turns.
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Consistency is something we all strive for as match anglers, everyone can draw a good peg and have the odd good result but getting consistently good results is much more difficult. This has been even more important in my fishing in recent weeks as I’ve been fishing the very popular Westwood Lakes teams of 3. Every year the match is a sell out and this year has been no different. With the weather being unsettled to say the least, the lakes have been fishing quite hard and a bit peggy.
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Match Fishing’s Joe Carass tells of a few recent successes thanks to some all-important confidence. As has been said countless times before, confidence catches you fish! All winter I have struggled to find my confidence and ultimately have been struggling to trouble the money places on my chosen venues. However just recently I believe I am starting to fish well again and am gaining that all-important confidence again. From my experience the best anglers are those who make the right decisions throughout the match.
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Match ace Harry Billing looks back at his White Acres Bait-Tech Festival campaign… WHITE ACRES BAIT-TECH FESTIVAL 2012 I've been chomping at the bit for the start of the first brilliant White Acres spring festival. The fishing this winter on White Acres has been awesome and this festival turned out to be the best I've fished with loads of bites and great fishing, heres my diary of what happened: DAY 1 - POLLAWYN, PEG 20 Really fancied this peg as its fished well all winter and has framed on a number of occasions. I started on the meat feederfor a skimmer and an F1. Fished on the bar at 15metres using a0.
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Like many of you I love a gadget, fishing related or otherwise. I’ve been fishing for many, many years and have lost count of the number of reels I’ve filled with line or braid in my time as an angler!It was while looking in a tackle shop I saw a Daiwa Sensor Line Loader sitting on the shelf. I’ve managed without one until now I thought to myself…so left it where it was. You’ve probably done as I have; tie a knot to a fresh reel spool, then proceed to wind the new material on while allowing the spool to skip all over the front room entangling itself around almost everything - including family and friends!Like many I have also poked a Biro pen through the central hole in the spool and asked an accomplice to tension the line by bracing a finger against the spool.
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Match Fishing’s Joe Carass looks at the Japanese bait revolution Marukyu!Do you believe bait makes a difference to your catches? The reason I ask is that I have been fishing with many Marukyu backed anglers recently and I have also been experimenting with a bit myself. I must admit to been a bit sceptical at first when I heard about Marukyu bait, but I am not naïve enough to believe that it doesn’t work so over the past 12 months I have been giving the bait a good go and I know it has been said a million times but it is all about the science! A recent trip to the Glebe confirmed this to me; I was fishing the long pole on a rock hard day. I initially fed the swim with EFG 161, 2mm pellets and fished a standard 4mm Bag Em expander on the hook. It was just rock hard and I could not get a bite.
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I haven’t read all of this month’s Match Fishing magazine yet but the bits I have read really got me thinking. The subject of team fishing is put through the ringer this week by both Lee Kerry and Alex Bones, I also found Milo Colombo extremely thought provoking. I personally gave up team fishing because I got fed up of fishing terrible venues with long walks and no fish. The cost was never a factor in my decision, I just wanted to catch more fish.
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Do we sometimes overcomplicate things on the bank? Andy May thinks so… Well, at last things are looking up on the weather situation, these last two weeks have been miserable to say the least but it hasn’t been anything like as bad as it was last year or the year before, thank god! As I write this I am contemplating either going to catch some chub and grayling and maybe a barbel on my local river Dane, or going and having a practice on Moreton fisheries in Congleton for an upcoming bream/skimmer feature. . . .
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Regular blog contributor Tony Curd looks at a few potential highlights of the season ahead…

While nearly every lake in the country has been frozen solid which has resulted in cancelled events, I spent some time planning the spring and summer of my year with regards to which of the big events I will be focusing on this season, it seems I’m rather ambitious this year as I seem to have decided on doing virtually everything there is to be involved with! Maybe one day I’ll manage to keep things controlled and sensible but I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one I’m afraid! 

Last week the Angling Trust released the results of the Fish’O’Mania draw and I was pleased to receive 8 tickets this year which is great, as you would have learnt from my previous blog ‘Fisho’ is a big part of my season and consumes a lot of time this year will be no exception and I received tickets for the following qualifiers: Peatling Pools, Larford, The Oaks, Barford Lakes, Tunnel Barn Farm, Boldings, Woodlands Thirsk and Lindholme Lakes. There is a hell of a lot of miles in those qualifiers so I’ll be hoping it’s my lucky day again on one of the earlier events! 

Continuing a trend of the last 5 years or so I’ll be heading off to White Acres for the Dynamite and Milo Festivals, which are back-to-back this season. I really love fishing at White Acres, the buzz and atmosphere is unrivalled in my opinion, unfortunately the draw bag on these events has taken a serious dislike to myself over the last few years and not offered any chance of having a really good week but I hope to put that right this time as to win one of the festivals is a huge achievement and one I’d dearly like to experience some day. On the Saturday between the two festivals there is, conveniently, a Match This Qualifier on the venue and you’d be mad not to get on it if you’re down there at the time as fishing is often about making the most of the opportunities that present themselves.