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What a great magazine to take you into autumn, packed with features, tips and tactics.

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Telephone: +44 (0) 1327 311 999 Editors Dave Wesson - Editor E:dave. [email protected] co. uk David Haynes – Sub Editor E:david.
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Check out the feature-packed April 2016 issue. . . out now in shops and online! Digital Subscription – Print Subscription -Buy a Single Issue ESSENTIAL SKILLS: STILLWATER ROACH! All-round master, Michael Buchwalder, explains the tactics and skills that will help you catch more quality roach from your local Stillwater!There is something about catching big roach that is incredibly satisfying.
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Check out what's in the feature-packed February 2016 issue. . . FEATURES An introduction to and history of the world’s greatest float fishing team.
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Check out the feature-packed July 2016 issue. . . Out Now! Digital Subscription – Print Subscription -Buy a Single Issue Keep a Margin Ahead! Alex Dockerty unveils the margin tectics that he uses to catch fish down the edge all day long.
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Check out the feature-packed May 2016 issue. . . out now in shops and online! Digital Subscription – Print Subscription -Buy a Single Issue BE THE FIRST! When it comes to sorting out a winning edge, Des Shipp is normally one step ahead and he uncovers a deadly meat tactic to help you gain an early season advantage… Read more –Digital Subscription –Print Subscription -Buy a Single Issue NET IT OR SWING IT? Alan Scotthorne looks at the pros and cons of netting or swinging a fish in? Whether to reach for the landing net or risk swinging a fish in is a decision that I am sure we have all had to make at some point in our fishing.
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Digital Subscription–Print Subscription Matrix Masterclass At last, we have finally got Midlands match legend Wayne Sharman to reveal his winning feeder techniques. Andy Geldart Few people have caught more on the Method feeder than Andy Geldart – here are his cold-water tactics. Bag Up With Bait-Tech This is your chance to win a bucketload of new bait from Bait-Tech! Des Shipp Des Shipp shows you how to catch when the cards are stacked against you. Feeder Fishing… On A Canal? Graham West shows you that the feeder is a worthwhile tactic, even on narrow canals.
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Digital Subscription–Print Subscription Des Shipp Des Shipp reveals how he fills the time on commercial fisheries when the carp simply refuse to feed! Alan Scotthorne Think you know how to fish for canal skimmers? Alan Scotthorne has a feeding regime and float choice that might cause you to have a rethink! Steve Ringer How much fun can you have in a field with a tape measure, a bucket and Steve Ringer? Let’s find out! Lee Kerry This month Lee Kerry is joined by the mighty Drennan Barnsley Blacks as they tackle the Angling Trust Winter League Final. A new mid-range benchmark Dan Webb takes a look at the exciting new Xitan luggage range from Browning. WIN Win a pair of Preston Innovations Monster X rods worth £174. 98! Digital Subscription–Print Subscription .
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Match Fishing monthly columnist and bagging machine Andy Power graces the front cover of our April issue. With his usual diary piece on hold because of lockdown, we joined him on the banks of Hillview Fishery to see how he approaches a method that has helped him qualify for many big-money finals over the years, the short pole. Your own weights are sure to increase if you follow Andy’s advice. Also in this month’s issue is Nick Speed, who has written a fascinating insight into watercraft and how it can help you make crucial decisions in matches, legend Steve Gardener is showing us why he likes Old Bury Hill Lake so much and Des Shipp and Phil Ringer are explaining how they fish the Method feeder.
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ON SALE NOW! Stopwatch… With Andy Bennett Match Fishing sits you behind the man of the moment, Andy Bennett, during an intense midweek bagging bonanza at the prolific Tri-Cast Weston Pools Fishery! What Is A Rover Match?This is a match where the draw determines the order of when you can choose your peg. For example, if you draw Number 1, you will be the first person to choose your swim. An early or late draw is normally favoured, as an early draw means you can choose the good pegs, while a late draw means you can choose areas of the lake with no other anglers around you. Ireland Explored… Irish feeder international, and two-times World Pairs Champion Phil Jackson demonstrates one of the most demanding but exciting methods of feeder fishing.
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Digital Subscription–Print Subscription The Dynamite Baits Bait Clinic In the first of this series we will bring you all the biggest names in the business to answer your bait questions It's Time For F1s, But It's Feeder Only When fishing the feeder for F1s you need to think about how you feed fishing the pole. Will Raison explains why. Practice Makes Perfect Young star in the making Matty Dawes is on the quest for big-match qualification. But does he go about it? Buyers Guide To Distance Feeders We look at all the various distance feeders on the market.
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Digital Subscription–Print Subscription The Part Timer Carl Steffen reveals how he competes at the highest level despite not being on the bank all year round! Lee Kerry With one round gone and still all to play for, can Lee Kerry and his Preston Innovations team climb the rankings at Larford? WIN: A Mid-Range Marvel! After Dan Webb’s glowing review of the MAP 501 3G pole last month, you can win one for yourself! Feeders for feeding, wagglers for fishing! Ever found that the skimmers on shallow venues are out of pole range yet spook away from a feeder? James Lewis has the solution! Nick Speed Dynamite Baits’ Nick Speed reckons that on certain waters the Method feeder will catch you more bream at times than carp. Frightening Rods Dan Webb checks out Preston’s terrifying Monster rods! Digital Subscription–Print Subscription . . .
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BUY Digital Issue– BUYPrint Issue Festival Tactics Des Shipp returns to Ivy House Lakes to show how he won a recent four-day festival there. BUY Digital Issue–BUYPrint Issue Fast & Furious Can the feeder beat the pole in an F1 match? Will Raison thinks so, and has the method to prove it. Can the feeder beat the pole in an F1 match? Will Raison thinks so, and has the method to prove it. BUY Digital Issue–BUYPrint Issue Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad! Darren Cox says planning your tactics for a match is one thing, getting the fish to stick to the plan can be another.
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Digital Subscription–Print Subscription- Single Issue Guru Graduation Match Fishing magazine gets on the bank with the first two graduates of the Guru Match Academy! Stop Watch - Keep Them Coming As the cold snap arrives, Match Fishing joins all-round masterGrant Albutt on the Joseph James Law Team Championship at the prolific Alders Farm Fishery, where the going is tougher than expected! How The National Was Won! Matrix Dynamite Trentmen ace Rob Perkins recounts how he won this year's prestigious Division One National on his local River Trent! Big Carp - In Cool Water Five-time world champion Alan Scotthorne looks at targeting quality fish in the cold and explains why a plummet is your best friend! Win A Maver Reel Match Fishing has teamed up with Maver to offer one lucky reader the chance to win an Enigma Match 3000 Reel! Digital Subscription–Print Subscription- Single Issue . . . .
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Digital Subscription–Print Subscription Lee Kerry Lee Kerry looks to conquer Barston Lakes with an interesting set of rules to master. Steve Ringer Steve Ringer brings you his top tips for cold-water carping success. Alan Scotthorne Alan reveals the lessons and tricks his team learnt from their latest success! Up Close: Daiwa Joe Carass gets his hands on the beautiful new Tournament Pro range from Daiwa Des Shipp Des Shipp reveals his pellet fishing secrets that keep him bagging up throughout the winter. WIN A DAY WITH JOE! In this one-off competition you have the chance to win a days coaching Joe Carass.