Feeder Essentials: Ringers European Feeder

Ringers has an incredible track record of producing superb bait and rarely produces something just for the sake of it. It tends to only release something if it sees a genuine need for it. And that is the story of the new European Feeder mix.


With the boom in feeder fishing, naturally a lot of the matches are taking place on beautiful natural waters. While there are natural venues where fishmeal mixes score heavily, there are also waters where sweet mixes still rule, and that was where there was a clear gap for Ringers to produce something that lives up to its renowned quality.

European Feeder is that mix – a biscuit-based sweet blend that is easy to mix and has the right properties to ensure an even breakdown when used with all types of open-ended feeder.

The particle size is best described as fine, with a few larger odds and ends in. Not the most technical description I must admit, but it’s accurate. It’s a fine fluffy mix but has just the right amount of larger bits to actually help the groundbait break down.

Colour-wise, this is a beautiful golden brown colour once mixed. A great starting point for any natural water mix, and a touch of black dye can be added should you want to darken the mix in clearer water.

A real bugbear for me is groundbaits that claim to be sweet, but actually use an artificial sweet flavour rather than sweet ingredients. These groundbaits may smell impressive and certainly catch the angler, but I prefer proper sweet ingredients and perhaps a slightly understated smell. This stuff ticks the box for me and has a lovely creamy, biscuit smell that I just know fish will love.

Although this is aimed at the feeder angler, I think it will also be a cracking mix for pole fishing too. Especially on shallower venues, this soft mix will be lovely for catching roach and skimmers.

This is a superb, easy to use groundbait that doesn’t claim to have any magic fish-catching powers or anything like that. Just good ingredients put together to do the job that it is designed to do. This mix will be irresistible to fish on natural waters and I know for sure it will be a part of my armoury for years to come!

RRP: £3.99

Verdict: A beautiful new sweet mix designed for natural water feeder fishing.